New to Mastodon, and this server too, so here's my #introduction!

I'm more of a #poet than a prose writer, but I dabble in both. My poems have been published in a handful of mags, and a couple of thick books. essentially a #writer in my spare time.

Im currently working on:
🚀a #scifi epic
🌳ecopoems, and poems generally

During the day I manage servers and build #cloud infrastructure for clients, specialising in #devops, #terraform, #jenkins and all sorts.

Lovely to meet you all!


@wickertongue a poet, how nice! very glad to meet you. i'm interested in poetry, too. note that i'm more of an amateur though. i've recently compiled my poems in a booklet. i should share here!


@oneofvalts lovely to meet you! And yes - please do share your work. I think poetry is hard work, and getting it published is about commitment and honing one's poetic tone - as well as having a strong sense of voice. I haven't had a poem published in some time, but I'm working on that 😉

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