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Ah, OK. Very true!
"Called that way" ?
But aurora store still sends data to Google

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🎈 MailTape 471 with Lael Neale

This morning, we welcome our guest Lael Neale with a delicate and pacifying episode. This calming selection is an invitation to slow down, a guided introspection as we truly listen to both the music and ourselves...


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What's on my mind....?

Not too much today as it happens, but I have plans.

Looking forward to the first Creative Conference and Christmas, (early seasonal arrangement) Drinks do, a little later this month.

@omnicaritas and your humble obedient, will be having an 'open house,' type of set up, questions, possibly answers, type of thing, at a supremley convivial Pub in Londons highly unfashionable London Bridge - Borough area.

East end booming jollity meets grim and worn, alcoholic suburban commuters.

So, a classic arena for investigation and serious Ale House action.

Info a little later for any fans in the vicinity.

Sorry to hear that, Steve. Sweet dreams!

Anyone know a way of buying without ID? My passport has expired and I don't have a driver's license .

Just been checking it out. Any other suggestions? Grav?

OK thanks.
Could be - although Tusky connects OK
Subway won't let me login to this instance, get a 500 error for some odd reason.
Ah, Subway. Haven't used it in a while. Thanks.

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