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Someone Is Running Hundreds of Malicious Servers on the Tor Network and Might Be De-Anonymizing Users

New research shows a threat actor has taken over a substantial portion of the privacy-protecting service.


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Does anyone have any links to ethically/openly-produced solar / PV panels? Cheap is nice, but I'm aware a lot of the Chinese stuff might well be underpaid or slave labour.

I've been listening to a podcast episode which says that some AI passes the Turin test and can emulate anyone's syntax textually and create Deep Fake shit. Apparently, there's a whole thread on Reddit that is comprised of fake conversation.

Ancient Lore has it that the world is an illusion or construct (as does quantum physics) but this is a maxed-out version.

Wow! I must show my wife. She is a big fan of cloud porn ;)

I used to work in a record shop with Dave the drummer.

I sang with The Ruts at a friend's wedding when I was very pissed.

My misspent youth was fun at times.

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Since it is #bandcamp Friday, I shall promote our newest release:

It's also available on my funkwhale.
Gracias. Hvala. Děkuji. Thanks!

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Vous utilisez #Spotify ?

Passez votre playlist de 2021 dans Merch Table : hypem.com/merch-table

Le site trouve automatiquement les albums disponibles sur Bandcamp, et vous pouvez les acheter demain pour #BandcampFriday (ou des produits dérivés, ou autre chose !) et enfin donner une vraie rémunération à vos artistes préféré·es, sans commission d'une plate-forme !

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did you know that #mastodon web UI has OCR built in? so when you are posting screenshots of text, a transcription of the text to put into a description of the image is literally one click away. when uploading image into a toot, just klik 'Edit' and then 'detect text from picture'. that's it.

please help sighted people. it's costing you two extra clicks.


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Another opportunity, if you work in decentralised (federated, distributed, co-operative, shared, whatever) tech: write a piece for New_ Public and get paid $1000+.

I am nothing to do with them! I just want you have some money and exposure for what you do!


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Austrians defying lockdown restrictions and pile onto the streets, "people like us never give up" being sung by the crowds 🔥

Sure. Could you elaborate on "Workshopping the fundamentals"?

What are your goals: Sight-reading? Playing by ear? Any particular genre. I teach people who are looking for alternative approaches - notably one who is Asperger's and another a 7 year old girl who likes to improvise but wants to learn more.

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I've got two old 3.5" SATA disks from which I need to recover data. The motherboard of the desktop is probably broken. What can I do? Are there USB adapters for old style SATA disks?

#askmastodon #askfediverse

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