Photo taken in the local woods this morning using android app by

@omnicaritas Is it the white gandalf or the white lady who lights so much? 😜 Great one ! 👍🏼 @oppen

@omnicaritas @oppen
Whoa--it's a triply serendipitiful morning! Last thing I did last night was listen to episode 793 of the Pseudopod horrorshow podcast "And No Bird Sings," for which this'd be a PERFECT illustration.
Gotta say, though the author was reportedly Lovecraft-influenced, he took a turn for a happy ending which I found more disappointing than one of betrayal & sacrifice for survival... So I edited & recreated reality inside my head (something no one's ever done before, acourse)


I'll certainly be checking out the podcast. :)

@omnicaritas @oppen
And the Drabblecast series is holding an H.P. Lovecraft month

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