Sadly, I have to say that masks and vaccinations are not the way to go.

You have heard my confession, may unfollow, and probably will.

The only reason I have not made any money from the knowledge that I have is that I have been unwilling or unable to sell water at the riverside.

What is the name of that bot that shoots out web site colour combos?

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"Men in black aren't aliens pretending to be government agents. They're government agents pretending to be aliens pretending to be government agents."

Am I correct in thinking you once played bass for Hawkwind? 😊 Thanks for the follow BTW

Mild illness mention 

Sleep is not happening. My nose ha become a temporary waterfall.

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I usually take vitamin D supplements but as of three months ago I forgot.

Felt gloomy.

Then I remembered last week and started taking them again.

Now I feel great.

I highly, highly recommend people try vitamin D. You are most likely deficient. Almost everyone is.

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Now my "Art Nouveau" Portrait it is done.

Maybe the colors a a little loud but I think it turned out pretty ok.

I hope you like it.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart #ink #gouache

Encouraged by my son, I'm playing GTA for the first time. :)

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Commissioned character drawing.
For book illustration purpose!
In my style!
Can it be any better? :)

#MastoArt #CharacterArt #moa

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A sleepy #improvisation from yesterday evening. Listening back, it semes a bit uninspired, but everything is a process of exploration, no matter the outcome.

#ambient #AmbientGuitar #psychedelic

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Tomorrow, 27 September, our new album is released by Submarine Broadcasting Company. I am ecstatic.

However, today, 26 September, it is henceforth also available at my funkwhale pod.

Despite the chaos in my life this year, work has been completed.

Aside from myself and my regular conspirator, @jayrope and @kynduum are also heard on the album. Glory!

It is my hope that it is pleasing to all.

#music #FediverseMusic #ambient #psychedelic #electronic #experimental

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Any writers out there needing cover illustrations? :)

Closeup of the fictional book cover I did. The whole thing here:

#MastoArt #moa #bookcover #illustration

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