God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
— Voltaire

I just found this Doctor Who online audio drama I appeared in ("Malcolm Mobius") about 10 years ago!


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Life is not about the argument, it's about the forgiveness.

“We do, doodley do, doodley do, doodely do,
What we must, muddily must, muddily must, muddily must;
Muddily do, muddily do, muddily do, muddily do,
Until we bust, bodily bust, bodily bust, bodily bust.”

Kurt Vonnegut Jnr. - "Cat's Cradle"

A track from a forthcoming album "Blake Fragments"

Each track will feature fragment of William Blake's poetry.

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Truth does not mind being questioned.
A lie does not like being challenged.

Photo taken in the local woods this morning using android app by @oppen@merveilles.town

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Is there any way I can upgrade my mid 2011 iMac from Sierra to Catalina?

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Wanted: studio space in London for mixed art practice which includes sound. Must have a window. I am not loud and do not tend to annoy other artists. I will bring my own sound dampening. Need to move ASAP.

Do you know of anything? Hit me up.

My youngest son and 3 friends are recording a D&B track in his room.

OK for now, but we'll be watching TV soon. He rarely has mates round, and I'm determined not to ask him to turn it down, like my folks used to when I were a lad (sic). :)

Maybe not the best subject matter for the app and quite random, but am beginning experiments using Lento camera app from @oppen@merveilles.town

I've started journaling again. It may still be intermittent. I'm not forcing anything.


An old friend from my "Ambient days". Mainly just uses LMMS and samples + FX. :)

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