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So I started cooking meals from scratch again this week as part of my get my shit straight life changes. Forgotten how satisfying it is and a little therapeutic at the same time, plus I’ve taken back control of what I’m putting in my body.

So I have been discharged from hospital and been referred to OPAT for two weeks of IV infusion to try and accelerate the healing of my leg. So obligatory Pic. Of my PIC (covered)

Well..back in Hospital again, hopefully should be back home tonight.

Good Morning spent the morning at the a Doctors Surgery pulling teeth now

So did I say the weather was good today, well perhaps till 15:00 anyway just had a massive thunderstorm with some impressive fork lightning.

Good Morning waiting for the District Nurse then hopefully get out and enjoy this lovely day.

It's a Tern folding bike. I replaced the shifting system with a Rohloff. Now it makes a pretty neat touring bike you can also take on a train if you don't feel like riding anymore (which we will do tomorrow).
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I also had to have my leg wrapped every other day, something which I’m still having done now. However I no longer have to visit the hospital and am now on oral antibiotics. So there is two months which has pretty turned my life on it’s head. After I was moved out of the high dependency ward I was put on a stroke ward which gave me a wake up call and made me realise if I carry on with my lifestyle I might well end up there quite soon. So tall and the short of it is some big changes to come.

So didn’t want to say anything earlier when I heard @dick_turpin ‘s bad news. Some of you maybe wondering why I’ve been quiet over the last few months. I was hospitalised shortly after my birthday with Septicaemia which was caused by Cellulitis in my right leg. I was in hospital for five weeks on loads of different drugs until I was well enough to go home. But then I had to go back to the hospital everyday for another week and half of IV fluids (Cont)


Filming The new Spiderman Spin-off across the canal from were I'm working. More exciting than what I'm working on at the moment.

Fedup of thr Flu now, going to try and get out today hopefully the fresh air will do me good.

Good to see @fabsh and in the fediverse.

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