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So tried to resurrect an external HDD this afternoon. I dropped it from waist height to carpet. When I plugged it into the laptop I was greeted with the bleep sound of the read arm motor initialising and not being able to reset the arm position. I thought read arm is stuck just needs moving. When I plugged it back in after removing the case & moving arm back to the edge of the platter. The arm did move & the drive span up however it just seeked for 5mins. & went into power save not mounting.

Ordinarily I would complain about 2 weeks of non stop sunshine here in Blity but I would like to catch up on some sleep right now. Taking Mum out for Birthday meal in a couple of hours and not feeling on best form to be honest 🤯

Have I mentioned how much it feels good to be on a linux laptop again? It's awesome!

@beni Fiber - it's something you eat in the morning :)
@ollyclarkdotorg @NYbill something like a billion years ago I was walking around at the christchurch University (NZ) and they had some of those haning up in the air on thin wire - looked like a floating house ( I think I have the picture somewhere on paper)

So I guess Mastodon and GNUSocial instances aren't always compatible with each other, tried to subscribe to @timttmy and @jezra again and I'm still getting the elephant t"£ting the keyboard. Not criticising considering I couldn't even get GNUSocial to work well for me.

:) I mostly wake up in the middle of the night during weekdays. If I don't fall asleep within an hour I'll get up have coffee and read some news. In the weekend I usually sleep all the way through. (and I'm not really a night owl - I'm just a duffer)

If anyone is interested, just threw this together in #gimp for quitting #facebook in style. You can set it as your cover photo.

Is anyone using GNU Social/Mastodon on their Android device, if so can anyone recommend a decent app to use, currently using Tootdon, but it doesn't seem to update the timeline automatically. I have to manually refresh it, or is there a setting I'm not aware of?

@ollyclarkdotorg (As you know) I never liked Twitter or Facebook. I've even started to become disenchanted with G+

I'm not orgasmic about Mastodon but at least it is close to the spirit of I really should use it more tbh.

CC: @bob @NYbill

Well, it would appear I'm well behind the curve. But it's good to reconnect with alot of you bods I've not heard from in a long while. 👌

Mastodon @ SDF

"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko