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@dick_turpin @MunkyBone Yeah some of my biking mates were guilty of this, flocking to Devil's Bridge and Matlock. I turned my phone off in the end as it was infuriating me. Meanwhile I stayed home and cleaned the ranch and went slowly stir crazy!!

So I'm finally working from home as of today. This morning at the train station I felt like the company I work for was one of the last one's. But I work for a company of 15 not a decent sized business like many who commute to Manchester!!

Working in the office: lots of distractions, constant meetings, phones ringing, mouse-clicking and keyboard punching, restricted internet connection, DELL PC with the cheapest peripherals, expensive food options within a 10 minute walk.

Working from home: comfortable chair, calm environment, more screen real estate, better keyboard/mouse, decent PC, gigabit internet connection, a fridge full of things I like.


Be nice to the hard working people in your supermarket. Compliment them. Don’t ever blame them for not having that one special thing you think you need. They work hard. At the frontline. To keep us all fed and alive. Thank them. #SpreadHopeNotFear #covid19


@tpheine @dick_turpin @fabsh I'll be honest I haven't spoken to Les Pounder in 3 years, Jack Weardon in 5 so your not on your own there. Would like to have attended Oggcamp last year to catch up with some of the people I've not seen in ages but my health got in the way of that one.

@thelovebug @timttmy @fribbledom Also try Kevin Macleod all his stuff is licensed under Creative Commons. Lots of Youtubers use his stuff.

Today I will be mostly installing RHEL on a Dell Poweredge T340

So only been back working for a month and I'm already welcoming a break!! Good thing I'm done for Christmas now 🙌

I know I’ve not been around for a while but, Good Morning

@wyliecoyoteuk @stardot @rpcutts Ah, I'm single and at the time I was showering alot at the cycle hub in Manchester so my water consumption may have been alittle lower back then.

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