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Another advantage to cooking from scratch is batch cooking, I now have most of my main meals covered for the week. This helped back in the day, when cooking from scratch during the week wasn’t always achievable due to time.

@mnw Although those books are cycling orientated they are good because you can tailor recipes to specific meal plan/diet i.e. low carb, gluten free, vegan etc which is useful to me when your trying to loose weight. Anyway hope this helps some.

@mnw When I was cooking from scratch 8 years ago I got alot of recipes from its not a memership site and the recipes are free to access, you might want to have a look as quite large database. I was given the Grand Tour Cook Book by Hannah Grant that has alot of good recipes which I use. Recentley my Dad bought me The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure by Alan Murchison and I'm gong to try a few of the recepies in it.

@stardot I also did a poached egg, spinach and avocado on toast from Alan Murchison's The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure

So I started cooking meals from scratch again this week as part of my get my shit straight life changes. Forgotten how satisfying it is and a little therapeutic at the same time, plus I’ve taken back control of what I’m putting in my body.

@rpcutts @pla I do all me spannering in the utility room next to the washing machine?

@tpheine @dick_turpin @theru @oggcamp Things are getting better everyday and I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel again so it's not all bad. I'm already looking for work again.

@tpheine @dick_turpin @theru @oggcamp No, one I broke from not working for 4 months and two I'm still recovering from the Sepsis and Cellulitus so I probably wouldn't have had the energy to do the whole day without need to have a power nap (don't laugh, it's that bad at the moment)

@dick_turpin Gutted I missed Jon and Tim not spoken to them for ages 😞

@pla Yeah me too looking forward to getting back to something like normal. 🙏 🚴 🖥️

@beni Nice needs some annodised fittings and then it'll look early nineties enough!!

@pla @rpcutts I haven't mentioned it much, got cellulitis in my right leg which led to sepsis, so I was hospitalised, this was back in June and it's been a long road back to something nearing normal!! still have to have an MRI on both legs which will probably lead to micro surgery on my veins, thinking that will probaly be early next year so I need to rehab so going to start now and whenever the next bit of surgery happens I'll deal with it when it happens.

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