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It's a Tern folding bike. I replaced the shifting system with a Rohloff. Now it makes a pretty neat touring bike you can also take on a train if you don't feel like riding anymore (which we will do tomorrow).

@stardot Cheers David, it was certainly an eye opening experience. I've done it once before I can do it again it just needs the discipline and motivation (which I have to admit I haven't had for a while).

@tpheine Thank You Thomas, will be starting life over again so may well take you up on the offer.

I also had to have my leg wrapped every other day, something which I’m still having done now. However I no longer have to visit the hospital and am now on oral antibiotics. So there is two months which has pretty turned my life on it’s head. After I was moved out of the high dependency ward I was put on a stroke ward which gave me a wake up call and made me realise if I carry on with my lifestyle I might well end up there quite soon. So tall and the short of it is some big changes to come.

So didn’t want to say anything earlier when I heard @dick_turpin ‘s bad news. Some of you maybe wondering why I’ve been quiet over the last few months. I was hospitalised shortly after my birthday with Septicaemia which was caused by Cellulitis in my right leg. I was in hospital for five weeks on loads of different drugs until I was well enough to go home. But then I had to go back to the hospital everyday for another week and half of IV fluids (Cont)

@dick_turpin Still waiting to see what IBM are going to do with them, alla Novell and SUSE



@methoddan @fabsh Yeah not too bad thanks, was finding Twitter and Facebook bit too toxic so stop using them for a while.

@popey I'll have Farmers Weekley if she doesn't want it looks a really good read ;-P

Fedup of thr Flu now, going to try and get out today hopefully the fresh air will do me good.

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