Good Morning spent the morning at the a Doctors Surgery pulling teeth now

@tpheine o> that was moving offices day at work. It turned into a long day, but we got critical systems up first, so once we got the big displays up we put Cricinfo on the the third one so we could follow the Ashes test :)

So did I say the weather was good today, well perhaps till 15:00 anyway just had a massive thunderstorm with some impressive fork lightning.

@tpheine Thank You Thomas yes the weather is looking good all day 😎

Good Morning waiting for the District Nurse then hopefully get out and enjoy this lovely day.

@tpheine I known I'm late in responding to this but I like taking a trip down memory lane once in a while, especially when it comes to computer hardware. My first ever backup drive was a Iomega 250Mb Zip Plus Drive

@Wimpy Had an Acer Laptop with a Texas Instruments Card Reader in it back in the early naughties trying to get that working under Warty with it’s proprietary firmware did my head in for over a year.

@ollyclarkdotorg Oh god yeah, GMB is so 'reality TV' its untrue. I'm not a fan if truth be told but its the 20 - 30 minutes BBC devotes to sport that really annoys me given the news rotates every 30 minutes which leaves 15 - 20 minutes for something that will hopefully be interesting.

@dick_turpin Don’t either anymore they both annoy the crap out of me for various reasons.

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