@dick_turpin Still waiting to see what IBM are going to do with them, alla Novell and SUSE

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@methoddan @fabsh Yeah not too bad thanks, was finding Twitter and Facebook bit too toxic so stop using them for a while.

@popey I'll have Farmers Weekley if she doesn't want it looks a really good read ;-P

Fedup of thr Flu now, going to try and get out today hopefully the fresh air will do me good.

@stardot I've always gotten on well with BeyondPod beyondpod.mobi/ been using it since 2011 although I have to admitt I don't listen to much these days.

@tpheine Yes, had abit of a break from social media, I'm back on the Federation now.

@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk @rpcutts @MunkyBone @frankiesaxx @djabadu @andyc I always found sourdough bread quite filling, could be just the job although the they're quite thin from memory aren't they, the Toastie range?

Just had a notification of a delivery I'm expecting, trouble is it's been given to Hermes, might aswell have chuck my parcel in the bin.

@pla Yep all good just a momentary stutter then πŸ™„

So I've pretty much dropped off the social media space for the second half of last year, I have to say I didn't miss staring into the cesspool that is Facebook and Twitter and my mental health benefitted hugely for it. Now we are starting a new year I've decided to ditch both Twitter and Facebook and with Google + being pulled in August that just leaves the Federation so I'm embracing it fully this year.

@pla Yep I can't see my repos either just getting the unicorn!! 😟

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