@methoddan @fabsh Yeah not too bad thanks, was finding Twitter and Facebook bit too toxic so stop using them for a while.

@popey I'll have Farmers Weekley if she doesn't want it looks a really good read ;-P

Fedup of thr Flu now, going to try and get out today hopefully the fresh air will do me good.

@stardot I've always gotten on well with BeyondPod beyondpod.mobi/ been using it since 2011 although I have to admitt I don't listen to much these days.

@tpheine Yes, had abit of a break from social media, I'm back on the Federation now.

@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk @rpcutts @MunkyBone @frankiesaxx @djabadu @andyc I always found sourdough bread quite filling, could be just the job although the they're quite thin from memory aren't they, the Toastie range?

Just had a notification of a delivery I'm expecting, trouble is it's been given to Hermes, might aswell have chuck my parcel in the bin.

@pla Yep all good just a momentary stutter then πŸ™„

So I've pretty much dropped off the social media space for the second half of last year, I have to say I didn't miss staring into the cesspool that is Facebook and Twitter and my mental health benefitted hugely for it. Now we are starting a new year I've decided to ditch both Twitter and Facebook and with Google + being pulled in August that just leaves the Federation so I'm embracing it fully this year.

@pla Yep I can't see my repos either just getting the unicorn!! 😟

being able to do a zfs rollback on your firewall is nice when an update brakes things

So it would appear I've lost my Jedi Skills!! New external Samsung SSD ordered, nothing important on the drive, most of which I can get back from backups elsewere and the rest is probably stuff I could have cleared off ages ago.

So tried to resurrect an external HDD this afternoon. I dropped it from waist height to carpet. When I plugged it into the laptop I was greeted with the bleep sound of the read arm motor initialising and not being able to reset the arm position. I thought read arm is stuck just needs moving. When I plugged it back in after removing the case & moving arm back to the edge of the platter. The arm did move & the drive span up however it just seeked for 5mins. & went into power save not mounting.

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