@wyliecoyoteuk @stardot @rpcutts Ah, I'm single and at the time I was showering alot at the cycle hub in Manchester so my water consumption may have been alittle lower back then.

@stardot @rpcutts @wyliecoyoteuk Yeah I'm paying £40.00 a month off meter, think it's done on property area. my old house was a similar size to this but was on a meter and it averaged out at £18 a month.

@stardot Yeah it’s all very with each manufacturer utilising their own propriety onboard smart controllers.

@stardot I'm sure I heard Steve Gibson talk about is on more than a few occasions on Security Now, when he's busy plugging SpinRite

@dick_turpin I tried the unflavoured version the last time I had lunch in Caffe Nero, the carrot had a weird after taste for me. Not quite the same as a potato based equivalent. Maybe the salt and vinegar flavouring will make them taste better.🤔

@andyc I've also recently started using Chopper interchangeably with Cock when I'm in politer society like the last place I worked in Manchester!! 🤣 🤣

@andyc Hoping to finish my install of this week, also porting over my web server and mail server so it's all abit go go go at ATM 🏃

@dick_turpin @andyc I got all that from my Mum the week before I started my first job, so I'd have an idea how far my wage would go if I thought about moving out.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin @andyc You can choose your friends and your enemies but you can't choose your family!!

@W10x12_UNO @art Can't think why ;-P Next you'll be telling me that the NSA will be conecting them to ECHELON

Trying A Overnight Oats Recipe for a working weekday breakfast I can either eat on the train or have quickly at home before leaving for work. This one comes courtesy of MyFitnessPal blog.myfitnesspal.com/mixed-be

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