Fuck sake more power spike/outage action, hope we aren’t going to lose power soon!! Then it really will be Duke Nukem

@timttmy @theru I did indeed I have now moved on to aptly "Mr President" which is rather nice IPA

So Dell Engineers been, fitted new PSU. Booted up server SSD showing unconfigured in POST (Ruh-roh).. No sign of RHEL 7.7 on the disk. So I agreed to reinstall and try and resurrect the ZFS pool (5 10Gb spinning rust disks). Half any hour later another phone call to Dell Tech Support for a new NvMe Drive and JBOSS Card (Dell Propitiatory Goodness adaptor card!!) Enterprise Kit don't you just love it😣

So Dell Engineer is coming tomorrow with some parts for the server, not sure how that works with the Social Distancing, I'll try and keep my distance from him as best I can and do as much as I can to keep us both safe.

Never Rains but it poor, had a power surge at the house this evening, it’s taken out my PowerEdge server. Pretty sure it’s the PSU but how the hell I get Support on it god only knows, will have to ring Dell in the morning 😖

@ollyclarkdotorg I've been using hetzner since it was recommended to me by @theru.

Dear lazy web, I'm looking for a good and hopefully cheaper Linux VPS Hosting, anyone got any recommendations? Was thinking about moving to Bitfolk

@penguin42 I'm still technically employed I still recieve a wage, the governement are paying upto 80% of it when the system is eventually worked out. I'm yet to be told what I'll recieve as a wage, knowing the company I work for I'll probably only recieve 80% of my normal monthly wage.

In other news the Fediverse appears to have been overtaken by Sex Spam, I have 7 new followers offering me all manner of services, from pictures to appointments!! Is nothing sacred

So yesterday I was told I am now a Furloughed Worker so today I'm just pottering about doing bits and pieces wondering how much more cereal things will become!! 😟

Setup a VPN solution and also managed to fix a broken boot manager on an old Windows 8.1 install I thought I had lost, so been a productive day. 😱

@dick_turpin Yeah the Work WhatsApp Group is going nuts with everyone going frantic about getting to the office to pick stuff up!! Looks like your going to see if you can do a month in the house?

@dick_turpin @MunkyBone Yeah some of my biking mates were guilty of this, flocking to Devil's Bridge and Matlock. I turned my phone off in the end as it was infuriating me. Meanwhile I stayed home and cleaned the ranch and went slowly stir crazy!!

So I'm finally working from home as of today. This morning at the train station I felt like the company I work for was one of the last one's. But I work for a company of 15 not a decent sized business like many who commute to Manchester!!

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