So I guess Mastodon and GNUSocial instances aren't always compatible with each other, tried to subscribe to @timttmy and @jezra again and I'm still getting the elephant t"£ting the keyboard. Not criticising considering I couldn't even get GNUSocial to work well for me.

it should work. @nybill is AFAIK subscribed to both of them

@theru @NYbill Hmm, don't know what the issue is but get the same thing and I've tried on a couple of occasions now.

@NYbill that is a bit strange both of you are on the sdf instance - so I would have thought it should work for you as well

@theru @NYbill OK, Just tried adding them both in a slightly different way and get 503 remote data could not be fetched

@NYbill hmm that is a bit of an uphill battle
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