Is anyone using GNU Social/Mastodon on their Android device, if so can anyone recommend a decent app to use, currently using Tootdon, but it doesn't seem to update the timeline automatically. I have to manually refresh it, or is there a setting I'm not aware of?

@ollyclarkdotorg I use Tusky. I don't know about auto-refreash. But, when you open the ap its just a quick swipe downward to pull in current messages.

It might be a battery drain if an ap keeps pooling the servers automatically.

@NYbill Cheers, tried Tusky but for some reason it wouldn't log me in so moved on to the next on the list.

I'm using twidere should work both with mastodon and GNUsocial

@ollyclarkdotorg the web app is solid. Just save to homepage from chrome

Among the Friendica community, Twidere is often taken for mobile accessing the network. (Friendica has a GNU Social compatible API). But I don't know how the Mastodon support is.
@ollyclarkdotorg AndStatus came into my mind a bit delayed as another GNU social client.
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