Like me, my longstanding friend and neighbour likes a drink.

However, while my consumption is static, his appears to have increased slightly.

'Mate, if there was league table for alcoholic intake, I'd be right up there'

'Mate, that night I came out clapping for the nurses, I was off my head'

'Mate, I ordered some fresh fruit and veg from a local supplier. I wasn't pissed but when it arrived, I had 3 boxes instead of 1'

'Hey Alison, I hope you didn't take offence at that WhatsApp I sent you'

@andyc That can be a dangerous slope down. I've seen it before.

@ghostdancer Indeed. In addition to domestic abuse, this is another problem area that may increase. People with time on their hands....


@andyc @ghostdancer Yeah I stopped buying Alcohol as part of my weekly shop for that reason, my intake went up with the first two weeks of the lockdown

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