Boris says: "If people refuse to social distance then we will bring into force special measures." for that I read "Deploy the military" you heard it here first folks.

@dick_turpin It is going to happen sooner than later I bet.

@MunkyBone I think you're right. The thing about the Brits is, we will queue but if they're told "You can't turn right you can guarantee a fair amount of arse wipes will turn right for the sake of it. The government appealed for people to 'social isolate' but they've all been out and about today because it's been pretty sunny here so the only way is to have 2 Para wielding some pick-axe handles patrolling the streets.

@dick_turpin We have been warned the same under the "Quarantine laws" (which I need to go read now).

If people don't start behaving, then they will be rounded up and forced into their home with heavy fines. If that does not work, then arrests will occur.

One woman in Montreal broke her quarantine rules and was arrested over the weekend already.

@MunkyBone Mate, you should have seen the TV News reports of tossers crowding the seaside resorts at the weekend and treating the "Self Isolation" as some sort of sodding holiday.


@dick_turpin @MunkyBone Yeah some of my biking mates were guilty of this, flocking to Devil's Bridge and Matlock. I turned my phone off in the end as it was infuriating me. Meanwhile I stayed home and cleaned the ranch and went slowly stir crazy!!

@ollyclarkdotorg @MunkyBone My misses will go insane if she has to stay in the house for more than two days. I must be weird because it doesn't bother me to be in the house for a week. (Never done two LOL)

@dick_turpin You need to get her a hobby. Like growing marijuana in the back yard. That will keep her busy, and turn you a tidy profit in 6 - 8 weeks (plus dry time). @ollyclarkdotorg

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