£60 a month? do you run a swimming pool,? Cornwall gets a £50 a year contribution from the the government because our prices are so high.
Since found out that we qualify for a 20% reduction because our surface water drains into a soakaway in our back garden.

@wyliecoyoteuk nope, just a detached house. Probably paying a penalty for not having a water meter. It's extremely expensive either way, our last house was less than £40 a month without a meter

@stardot @wyliecoyoteuk 37 a month off a meter here. On a meter might get it down a few quid but not much.

@rpcutts @wyliecoyoteuk yeah that's what I used to pay in my old house which was a smaller semi so I figure that's the difference, it's a steep step up though


@stardot @rpcutts @wyliecoyoteuk Yeah I'm paying £40.00 a month off meter, think it's done on property area. my old house was a similar size to this but was on a meter and it averaged out at £18 a month.

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@ollyclarkdotorg @stardot @rpcutts
We paid less in Birmingham, off meter.
On meter it is apparently average for our situation, 2 people .
Mind you we have a dishwasher and a hot tub.

@wyliecoyoteuk @stardot @rpcutts Ah, I'm single and at the time I was showering alot at the cycle hub in Manchester so my water consumption may have been alittle lower back then.

@rpcutts @ollyclarkdotorg @stardot #
Yes, so the more your property is worth, the more you pay, whereas with a meter, you pay for usage.
ours works out just under £5 per cubic meter plus standing charges, we used 15 cubic meters in 2 months.
That included refilling the hot tub twice after moving it, which is around1.8 cubic meters, and having the central heating refilled after moving a radiator.
Mind you we no longer have a bath, replaced it with a walk in shower.

@wyliecoyoteuk @rpcutts @ollyclarkdotorg they must think we live on millionaires row, certainly doesn't feel like it though. I think baths would get us on meter, it is used at least daily, that and our hard working washing machine dealing with all the baby loads

@ollyclarkdotorg @rpcutts @wyliecoyoteuk I might have to consider going on meter, but then that's what they want isn't it

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