One of our most popular ebooks is The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I assume just used by the author looking up their book over and over?

me playing checkio: just coding to make the tests pass, rather than actually conceptually solving the problem 🤔😁

Alma is one helluva piece of software. I'm amazed that it works

ploughed through a whole bunch of new puzzles, did some quests, wrote some code reviews. My (more or less) annual weekend of checkio is done!

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I'm going to do a bunch of checkio this weekend

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It’s extremely important that I show you the Serangoon Junior College Library website, which is hosted on Tripod and untouched since 1998

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for some reason I love this style of images. authoritative, slightly absurd yet grounded in real concerns, their liberal use of caps, font weight, and clip art, it’s all fantastic. I want more of them

My neighbor has lent me a guitar and it has improved my standard of living by 1.6%

@hugh just finished this. a good recommendation! TY!

Why yes I did cut chunks out of two of my fingernails yesterday. That’s how you can tell that I sharpened my kitchen knives.

I always want to be a beginner and a learner; never an authority

ah, it turns out Library Carpentries is reaching out to community college librarians! 👌

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Should I try to become a Software Carpentries instructor?

If they ask “what was his downfall?” tell them it was GCP 🙃

I just found this old post by @wxcafe about last year's !!con, but I really feel the distinction between making and building:!!con/

This weekend, you can watch some very entertaining talks about code:

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