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everyone who is called a digital currency expert on the news looks like they have their hair cut more frequently than they use a computer

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If you play Mount & Blade , what would you like to see in the sequel?

I'd like automatic troop upgrades. The better my army, the more hurt my wrist is from click the upgrades button (even with the "select all" key). Not sure how they will work in M&B 2, but I'd love to set a parameter per unit or type, and just manage currency.

at first i was intimidated by but now i'm also in love with it


a sitcom trope i dislike is “the LARP usurper” - it’s not credible. the outsider comes in and declares themselves a king or princess and (all but one of) the players accept it. this has never happened, by the very nature of roleplay.

yep. doing my best while influenza’d.

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Good morning !fediverse !tzag As the Christmas season is upon us, be mindful of others. It's the coldest time of the year which leaves many stuck or in danger. Many also are very low at this time, particularly if they experienced loss at this time of year. Be sure to visit those who are in this category. 15 minutes could make their day #BeExcellentToEachOther
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Well I'm glad to have my own instance.

today’s plans include to drink all the robotussin do kana lesson to keep up arbitrary duolingo japanese streak put on as many clothes as possible and eat something other than a cracker or ice chip. what’s a good movie that gets rid of influenza?

one of those hot beverage makers that accepts pods i obtain. tears of joy do not seem to bother the taste of espresso. i'm going to die aren't i.

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Forgot to to announce SDF breaking 500K users .. we're currently at 609,959 user accounts since the 1990s with 53,717 current accounts of which 19,105 are considered to be active. Happy 30 years SDF!

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Hey folks, if you see this, please boost. This is next-level stuff, very #1984, and there should be a backlash in all sectors about this.

CDC forbidden to mention: “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

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what is your least favorite word in the english language?

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SDF is the largest NetBSD deployment (according to the NetBSD dev team) and we unearthed an esoteric bug in the VFS layer to ffsv1 particularly on large SATA RAIDs which can result in temporary to permanent file system corruption ... lets help make NetBSD better.

sometimes maybe we look outward instead of inward. it can be literal too!

today we can read a bunch of stuff about USA internet and link people to said.

or we could take out all of our old routers and modems and take them apart and see how they work! how they might be made to work differently.

not only is the latter more fun, it may also be more productive.

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