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i sing for the same reason i drink.
not sure what either one is.

that whole democratic republic thing we’d going was so freaking cool

great advice for stressed out witches all: curses are like emails, they need to be opened in order to infect. and read email in a terminal, y’know, like any freaking self-respecting witch would do.

more insane experimental music, this one an , featuring tragic japanese-language horror story voice-over, preluding a manic for piano(s).

another demo, eventually to be from our new record. this one an antifascist piece called "imperfect storm" for the moment.

if you think there’s a difference between and then i’d ostensibly love to know what it would possssibly be!

what is an/are some opposite/s of “mutually exclusive” ?

little true story about myself i wrote as quickly as possible. it's absolutely insane nonsense. & very weird use of japanese. highly recommend not reading it! :)

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Bored? American? Try my fun thought experiment 

(Okay you don't have to be American. I do this and I'm not American)
Imagine all 45 US Presidents (1776-present) in an arena. They all have a dagger with a very sharp point and two sharp edges. They're locked in and it's "fight to the death."
Who is first to go?
Who is the last man standing (or sitting, if you're rooting for #32)
Reply to this with your scenario!

George Carlin said “If there’s anything I hate more than prophecy, it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.”

I — Anti-Tradition, Tried and True — will not fall myself victim to forced insincere masturbatory resolution.

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どうしての?could it be!? the one true greatest party in the planet? yes it can! 来てもらえ~の?


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my band "meerkat" is in studio writing a new record. here's something we just wrote super quickly and plan to refine tomorrow. entitled "final girl" probably. we like it, which is a -- bad? sign..? hmmm.

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