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what is an/are some opposite/s of “mutually exclusive” ?

i don't think there's such a thing as recovering from having seen noriko's dinner table 😅

little true story about myself i wrote as quickly as possible. it's absolutely insane nonsense. & very weird use of japanese. highly recommend not reading it! :)

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Bored? American? Try my fun thought experiment 

(Okay you don't have to be American. I do this and I'm not American)
Imagine all 45 US Presidents (1776-present) in an arena. They all have a dagger with a very sharp point and two sharp edges. They're locked in and it's "fight to the death."
Who is first to go?
Who is the last man standing (or sitting, if you're rooting for #32)
Reply to this with your scenario!

George Carlin said “If there’s anything I hate more than prophecy, it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.”

I — Anti-Tradition, Tried and True — will not fall myself victim to forced insincere masturbatory resolution.

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This is a hard time of year for many of us.

US Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Online chat: chat.suicidepreventionlifeline

More lines for regions, parents, teens, LGBTQA, veterans, Native Americans, etc:

Share however you see fit.

どうしての?could it be!? the one true greatest party in the planet? yes it can! 来てもらえ~の?


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my band "meerkat" is in studio writing a new record. here's something we just wrote super quickly and plan to refine tomorrow. entitled "final girl" probably. we like it, which is a -- bad? sign..? hmmm.

1969 by boards of canada on loop! is what kind of night this is.

the simpsons has been killing it lately! finally they’re amping up the horror and highlighting it as the funnier of the two between itself and comedy. six of one, 666 of the other! etc.

someone’s trying to tell me the defunct tautology “nice guys finish last” is nnotthing to do with not being a selfish lover but i plan to disagree with feigned sincerity for at least one more instance of tapas

going through old notebooks i found this at-least-charming model i made painstakingly long ago of the human psyche expressed as a symmetrical nodal tree; applying the extrapolated theory to my research in a.i. has yielded interesting progress, though the models i use today are much more complex than — if definitely derivative of in part — this particular model.

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