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a i wrote this morning that i still like! a lot!

, , might note it’s in truth a , the title is “for to salvage ✖︎’s all” creative commons for use. it should likely be spoken during in-◎ & under a ... y’get it, enchant a compass, end a dumb fight with your s/o, find a lost thing etc etc

@twovoyagers the effects version — is it single voice with a clone melodically controlled? it can’t be the light chorus/delay i think i detect on the plucked strings can it, that’s separate innit?

@twovoyagers fuck fuck yes yes to this song, performance(!) & recording. i’m still in pre-demo, so as soon as the “song” is “written down so i don’t forget what i meant” i stop. i’ve got some krk v6’s a bunch of shures & can run my instruments thru an old m-audio interface (also i do tons of sub & modular synthesis so that’s quiet unless i turn on an extra pink oscillator — nobody’s that dumb i know but — i’m! did this before! & the label cut it into vinyl!!! 😂) d’y’know the mics used for Joy!?

@twovoyagers oh yes definitely detected correctly, and good advice! i might also use one of my mics next time. usually i just overproduce lol ( )

@andyc i'd argue for trisquel but what the f'ck are we doing re version nine!?

@cadadr i honestly can't believe i didn't already do this. said every hacker who saw this. thank you, so many things look pretttty again!

@ayrtonfreeman i'd like to add a few things regarding basic router security:

- one's router should use firmware and a webserver that are GPL'd
- make sure the webserver insists upon tls/ssl (HTTPS)

@papa god i love that one. i hope you saw the recent "what did jack do" as it's quite a film. if you have i-think-16-minutes to pay wildly close attention to something, it's on that one thing, fletnix or whatever.

@smj bach work for me this weekend. putting the chorales away is hard but i did it! that’s harder than playing these arias almost

we're super into this song we wrote today. it's a new awkward feeling we're going to have to learn to deal with.

@tindall love it, love everything about it.

is it quite literally a modular synthesizer? or modded setup using a subtractive/additive?

she spilled all the coke. i gasped. she said “wait i know what to do!” then picked up a little of the powder out of the carpet and tossed it over her shoulder. i sighed relieved. is how i fell in love.

@Luke i understand, i don’t want to be all emotional either but i wear a mask mostly so nobody has to f’cking see some d-bag not wearing a mask, y’know?

@Luke some joke circa “80% are in favor of extending guidelines. this same 80% will get sick because of the other 20”


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