@Ricardus ha. it was late & i was dealing with 500char limit.

your friend, you say you tell him how it should “feel” ... some people will tell you how it should “look” or they will say they think a certain way “sound”s good. it can be helpful both to match whatever sense they use (to imagine the thing they want in their mind) and also ask them if they could tell you more (again) using a different sensory word. this used to help me get web design requests better when i was doing that.

@maiki c. jung said often “we must stand by the objectivity of our subjective experience” and - to me! - this sentiment holds true.

@Ricardus @maiki i know this is hacky (both hackery and hackneyed) but when we take a request we benefit by matching sensory expression in customer. be sure that “black print on white back sounds good” is not met with “that will look great” or even “that does sound good” rather “that makes sense i think” - prompt a customer to further indicate how their mind is working when it may potentially be more than one module i.e. as yet indecipherable.

?: your friend works in person? facetime? voice?

@maiki i tire of relying on so many extensions. each major change made by mozilla usually prompts me to search their addon repertoire for a combatant. is this possibly exactly what they desire?

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I feel like I need to break the uncomfortable silence.

@dokuja @mrguilt screengrab came from LAND OF LISP by Conrad Barski M.D. a textbook whereby commonlisp is learned by writing one game at a time and each building complexity off the prior

"information wants to be free. Like, a law of metaphysics, or something"

please treat yourself to the brilliant essay in the URL in the entry to which i reply. thanking you.


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I'm doing a lot of experimental writing, and here is a mini-essay-thread, a part one to an ongoing series titled, "Making a website". Um, , I guess.

Anyhow, here's the thing: talkgroup.xyz/t/making-a-websi

And you know, interact with me, folks. If you are on the forums, ask questions or offer corrections. Same on Mastodon, I will incorporate it all together, because that's my gift to you. ^_^

fellow hacker @mrguilt put a 64 interpreter emulator in a shared directory and i successfully wrote a shared foo/bar script, shebanging it from their ~ && now we consider writing a using the basic together. all are invited!

これ、アメリカ played with every TR there is, still never would've been able to come up with anything near this song. get yo money donald glover (of the tv series fame)

what did you not forget about this year that i probably did?


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It's now time for - I'm gonna get on in a little bit and play something groovy probably, I dunno, I hope to see you there and participating!

Listen → anonradio.net/listen/
DJ → anonradio.net/openmic/

@c25l i feel so silly for never having considered this. brilliant!

fyi friends my mosh session prevents me from keeping up. usually resolves itself within 5-10m. forever!

-- instead of "googling" i say "check web for" or sometimes "(to) duckduckgo"

@snowdusk_ yes that will be so great! i hope we can know to find a willing native-speaking participant without too much difficulty.

@snowdusk_ さんは本当にいいヤツだな!

maybe i can bore you and embarrass myself during a soon trying to actually converse :)

hmm.. does access the complicated emoticons like most 携帯電話のキーボーラド & if so how?

私は本当にどんな助けにも感謝します。私は勉強が .org です。ありがとうございます。


@nydel it does not even have to be a necessarily. i love ubuntu, fedora, debian but i tire of them doing things i never asked them to do. part of me thinks this is software creep related, a larger part thinks it doesn't matter what is happening because however i further define, it's getting further from and i aim to go closer! is it naive even to think that i can jump from debians (and redhats, well, they are centos mostly in fact) to ? ... thank you in adv.

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