@notptr i appreciate everything you do for the community

I'd like to convert this simple .c code file into an arm binary.

arm-none-eabi-gcc 159.6MB

How does that even work, how can something that turns bits of text into a binary be so large. I must find the answer to this, or die trying.

gallows ribaldry (suicide) & uspol 

we did a good demo of "musical roulette" and kind of feel like there's still hope for our album, which had its tour suspended because of trumpland. do you have a heart, a head, and a hammer?

XMPP is such a pain in the tukhas. Is this REALLY the best we can do?

@Shufei i can't figure out which among OTR (current, previous) OMEMO (v!?) and PGP (o? gnuo? wtf!) we're supposed to assume for and over which freaking protocol we're supposed to verify!

Lifesaving technology should belong to everyone, but the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) is working day and night to restrict access, even during a global pandemic:

beautiful & necessary piece of anti-trump propaganda video from

i can dig it: go to hell, donald trump.

content warning would be appropriate but, y’know, i’ve got a couple f’ck-it’s saved up i dare say & i’ll use one on this.

@twovoyagers i kinda think at least one of us would hear 7 semis up, i played it a bunch last night and again this morning (i always loved that song — are any of the verses new? some of them i’ve never heard & though my work is kinda indie electronic now i used to play exclusively folk rock just me and a martin) & i didn’t notice a parallel fifth effect. but then again it’s a rather rich-yet-not-too-wide guitar and i’ve used fifths to build that kind of sound hmmm in fact ...

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