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(others considered)

i intend to keep my A rating from the Mentally Rickety Association.

the only thing to stop a bad guy with a manic episode is a good girl with a depressive dvd extra.

our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, i.e. dead.

a perfect circle - talktalk


"sit and talk like jesus try walking like jesus sit and talk like jesus talk talk talk try walking your talk or get the fuck out of my way"

if they take away our mental health issues then only criminals will have access to insanity

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@art OR “i (annoyed grunt)’t get it”

@art monster trucks, dogs in sunglasses... aren't these just buzzwords dumb people use to sound smart? not that i'm accusing anyone of that. i'm fired aren't i.

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good hackers listen to techno and make their own tools. great hackers listen to tool and make their own techno.

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Second question

If you wanted to edit/convert to while having control of the layout. What tools would you recommend. (Free/Open Source please.)

@sparcipx kind of cool to read i think two weeks of things all at once backwards, which is how i did it for some reason!

memento would have been a very different film if only he had kept a phlog.

@kensanata thank you so much, you are very thoughtful and kind to help with this. i think i can hack up a commonlisp go-to of mine i usually use to make CSV from remote content by various protocol. i was unaware of OPML spec which should be much closer to what i hoped than a simple url list. i told orgmode to really start chipping at my self-esteem if i haven’t finished by thursday :) thank you again!

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Last day of here in Seattle! Come login to the old SDF 3B2 by ssh 3b2@sdf.org .. only 5 hours left! mastodon.sdf.org/media/eLkPmJS

while getting working across devices i stumbled upon a fun realization. one can call TODO & DONE whatever and as many things as one wants!

@Cat haha neither really is Annelise so i totally get it :)

in a video player GUI when trying to hit the fullscreen button i instead by accident click toward the end of the video length revealing a big spoiler in the content.

so i will be more careful. i am so grateful that this is possible; that i can make such a mistake and the software does exactly the command i issued quicker than i could realize and correct it. it didn't try to sell me "spoilerproof shareware" or whatever. it didn't judge me for my error. it simply worked correctly.


@tomasino i’m gonna have to side with |guy| here. if you get a chance to take a peek at tomasino’s long-fabled mystical package, you take it. pretty sure it’s even in the ‘exceptions’ appendix of emily post’s.

@ldbeth just when i got to understand regular mode! i got it working on linux (uninstall reinstall why should that possibly work oh well i love the game) & shall be on sdf instance (beautiful from what i saw on brief login!) shortly :)

@Cat she’s amazing! i wonder if she & this person i live with would get along.

@Cat from your screen grab i thought to check and see if there were font settings which there now are. thanks! not liking the font was my only issue & now i change it to something lovely. really great app.