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@Cat no but that sounds amazing!

seems a bit cumbersome for my purposes as a command line diction tool. are there alternatives?

@Cat top to bottom: mine - my dog’s - my dad’s ... he’s 86 and my mum’s in late-stage hospice! oh and that last cookie - which would be my mum’s - was empty: gallows humour i reckon :P i prefer more abstract ones like in your photo, but this restaurant’s food is as on as the fortunes are off!

@Ricardus yet to meet one i couldn't get to say "yes hillary clinton should be impeached" after which i always have less trouble listening to whatever nonsense else they have to say. best of luck to yous!

@m1rr0r5h4d35 valspeak -> jive -> valspeak -> jive -> valspeak ... -> chef

@Ricardus great question - the answer has eluded me. if they are indeed still on the market, i don't think it includes the united states. i've had a lot of trouble finding information on the subject recently. but in the 90s - when i was way, way too young to be drinking ~200mg caffeine 5 times in a saturday night dnd campaign or lan party - that's exactly what i was doing and i loved it. @beni @xmanmonk by the by, what do all'y'all use for excessive caffeine sources nowadays?

when Glover left in a fragile state unsure of his decision but with a burning suspicion that he could do more elsewhere (it's pretty difficult to do better than what Dan Harmon tells you to do in front of a camera in terms of having a positive influence on the world) i hoped he was right but doubted it would come together.

happily proven wrong. because of this work i'm now constantly laughing and crying on the inside. woo! i'm so pretty / etc...

kore wa amerika desu yo.

i avoid talking much yet about by Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover.

for now i just want to express my gratitude. the hysterical & poignant piece will undoubtedly be featured in music theory and sound engineering academics 50 years from now. i play it on loop over and over. the composition should not work but i am close to proving why it is a mathematical exception to several bach (four-voice chorale-derived) standards.

the video is as good as the music:


@laemeur motivational tip: set a timer for 30 minutes. whatever you have at that point: eat. all of it.

you will make it with 10 minutes to spare next time :)

@cosullivan zündkerze - inverted kaleidoscope militia - クールな火の空

@Ricardus if i was in fact issued a (central finite C147) nerd card i think i recall throwing it out after using it to deftly remove a bit of congealed jolt cola from some japanese mylar.

@Ricardus does it help your lack of desire to brag if i tell you i have no idea what either of those things are? i assume the first is a bodega-exclusive cologne & the second an aerosol goat cheese food product.

@deathstarpm nobody likes it, i think that's why it's a good thing to call them.

but when referring to "to toot" and "a toot" i always say "to publish" or "to log" and "an entry" or "log entry" respectively instead.

really you can call it whatever you want, it's and nobody can make you use a protocol in a way that you don't like + if you want to change it you're welcome & able :)

anywhatever, welcome to this thing, whatever it is!

if i understand correctly, the "incels" are people who watch Adventure Time and think "you know, that Ice King is on to something."

@gemlog yes i agree that “throw out all your mobile hardware and start over” is a great idea for when i have the time and resources but at the moment i do not.

(part of the problem is i was using a iphone4 jailbroken with ios5 or something for years; bought thousands of dollars worth of proprietary software e.g. japanese rosetta stone etc - then upon upgrading to iphone8 i see in one instant how different/bad it became & i’m not done with my 日本語 lessons etc, so, f’d for moment)

@gemlog it’s not an issue of bandwidth or even storage space - both of which i have unlimited across multiple locations on the globe; apple devices automatically backup to icloud and as far as i see there is no option to backup elsewhere. if there is such an option i would gladly use one of my nextcloud instances but my complaint is that - unless i misunderstand - apple does not allow this.

apple is such a dick. it tells me icloud storage is near full and tries to get me to pay for more. after struggling to find a way to click thru without buying anything i see that all these pre-installed apple apps that i deleted store a bunch of shit on icloud, which i use only for device backups - & by the by, should i be responsible for the size of my device backups? either let me compress them properly myself, or fuck off with your panhandling, apple!

i accidentally fell in love with the game sunset ... is anyone else playing?

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