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Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

it's been such a humbling privilege to watch and participate in the arrival of to its current state - from successfully guiding individual technological seekers, to successfully providing with a relevant system on which to create its most stable kernel and release to date, and so many other things -- gopher, http/s, irc, bbs, voip, ham radio, -- all constantly thriving and evolving. to all who have played part in crafting & maintaining our humble $HOME: thank you kindly!

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SDF is seeking reliable and DJs to have their own show on aNONradio.net Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to majordomo@sdf.org and tell us about your ALL GENRES WELCOME

pretty typical funny day as interpreted by the notfox.com headline comparator

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Happy - All SDF members who have VHOST memberships now have a Let's Encrypt certificate for their site(s) that auto-renews. Enjoy!

If you are happy with this, please like us on fecebook.com and re-twerk it to all your friend! (J/K, LoLz)

watermelon is delicious and i have no idea how old i am but it's different from whatever it was yesterday

@SDF は再びインターネットを楽しくします!

@notptr prepping for made-in-america self-driving cars i presume

@failtime the analogous rv scenario is a lot sexier than the source material that inspired it

@yogthos this reminds me of Twin Peaks The Return episode 08. lovely!

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Tired: Novelty Gopher versions of web things.
Wired: Well written, engaging Gopher content.

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This was part of my morning.

@sargoth did you know the name was supposed to be Spork but Roddenberry didn't have an R on his typewriter. a similar instance can be seen in the hit series Ruck and Morty.

@a_breakin_glass 4v1 horror escape from the hunter thing. it’s a lot like 2 or other similar horror asymmetrical games. so the 1 (hunter) is overpowered and the 4 (kids) have to work together as different classes to escape the arena. it doesn’t make a lot of sense but the gameplay and aesthetic are great :)

i’ve been playing this mobile game called “Identity V” a lot... it’s quite a bit of fun.