@kadin i see what you did there, much more clever than anything gladwell has done :P

it always sucks when someone who presented themselves as scientific or otherwise ethical turns out to be a charlatan. i wish i could recommend a better economist but i'm out of my depth as it is not my area of work (how hard was that, malcolm?)

when testing a or other mastodon apps, we should be mindful of our local timeline, to spam neither our own instance nor the federation

@K7ATR i like this idea! here's a cursory script that will handle a majority of browsing needs in this way:


@xjq あなたのトゥーツをミュートしてください。

@brent_bartlett interesting! did the email come from amazon or from microsoft?

@masso generaはどのパソコンにあるの?私にはそれが面白いだから、それを使いたい。

2/ as for @SDF and i want to suggest something.

first, see this script and its output. the password is the name of our bbs program.


right now the script only gathers logins from one day, but a few nested loops will grab every login back to 2005 and this includes norge, faeroes, iceland and sdf (but not ma).

i believe this is most probably how we've been targeted.

could webstats be modified to always include "kickme" logins for abusive collectors?

in pursuit of , i try to think like one of these people that try to gather addresses for unethical purposes e.g. spam, fishing, blackmail, blue whale etc.

i located a server that held (or could access) a giant database of active email addresses. during idiot-testing (doing stuff that won't work unless an idiot set up the server) i came across this interesting trap to combat attacks involving webcrawler instructions (robots.txt) being read maliciously:


@noogles guake is the first thing i load up after a window manager @tomasino

a sample mp3 of an original composition i just put together playing the "you have one hour" game with myself:


@gemlog haha i do a lot of obsolete-ing of the self as well! in fact i wrote a pretty good gopher entry on the subject. let me fetch it for http...


"obsoletion wish" it's titled.

@barbanegra we're none of us easy to explain. yet, theoretically, we can all be lambda calculus expressions. as for mathematics, it's the one thing we definitely cannot NOT be.

@tomasino thank you for sharing. we need to encourage all public access multi-user systems through patronage, promotion and paying way. in fact could we start asking that people tag mentions of (existing, free, libre) public access systems with some sort of tag? perhaps or simply

@gemlog you've not seen hackers, i've not seen bladerunner! i forgive you and hope you'll return the kindness ... however mad you are at me for depriving myself of bladerunner all these years = how mad i'm at you for depriving yourself of hackers!

@barbanegra i feel obligated to point out:

although my entry (the first post in this thread) implies i'm on the "mentor" side of the hypothetical relationship, the prose also contains a layer wherein i am on the "mentee" side and hacking my way into getting pro's to give up methods to seduce them.

re-read it, if you would indulge me, and see what i mean.

if you weren't worthy, i wouldn't be wasting my time & damaging my credibility by over-explaining my own jokes, now would i :P

@gemlog ah yeah i have similar issues with the hashtags as they currently work. anyway is a tag used sometimes on the fediverse to organize a mass shared enjoyment of the same audiovisual content. i remember hackers and blade runner being a few notable titles (some sort of cyperpunk aesthetic will probably be feature of many films)

@ooTodoka to develop a fanbase //here// ... at the versions of social media ... one would need to make much more incredibly meaningful things than would be necessary for centralized notoriety; since the people here had to try pretty hard to find all this, and since it's difficult to use to piggyback on someone else's "klought" or whatever, it's designed to push mere content creators into being true artists. だから、you //can// make it here! :)

@gemlog let's watch it at the same time soon! i know the crew contains a lot of people who would be down for a repeat of ...

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