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impromptu voiced minute on right left in united states

mildly embarrassingly, this website wrote "wrong" instead of "awesome"

doing thiiiiisss kind of thing! rebuilding my network after having moved houses recently. woo!

is a front-end that
allows users to access their home
instance via a browser like ! there is no setup aside from specifying an instance and logging in.

turning off javascript on reveals exactly what kind of place @SDF is, and: omg we have a peertube instance!! && mastodon can embed peertube!!! ahhh so excited

definitely recommend playing with microsoft word on UNIXv on @SDF 's 3B2 ( ssh -l sdf )

i hope our @twovoyagers won't mind my sharing this lovely piece of theirs, a light concise and fun delightfully dry-cynical of from its early-mid specification and onward thru to of year #1998

just noticed my house is starting to resemble a home :)

hackers are much more equipped for romantic cronjob scripting than commonly believed

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