beautiful & necessary piece of anti-trump propaganda video from

i can dig it: go to hell, donald trump.

content warning would be appropriate but, y’know, i’ve got a couple f’ck-it’s saved up i dare say & i’ll use one on this.

a i wrote this morning that i still like! a lot!

, , might note it’s in truth a , the title is “for to salvage ✖︎’s all” creative commons for use. it should likely be spoken during in-◎ & under a ... y’get it, enchant a compass, end a dumb fight with your s/o, find a lost thing etc etc

if you think there’s a difference between and then i’d ostensibly love to know what it would possssibly be!

どうしての?could it be!? the one true greatest party in the planet? yes it can! 来てもらえ~の?


going through old notebooks i found this at-least-charming model i made painstakingly long ago of the human psyche expressed as a symmetrical nodal tree; applying the extrapolated theory to my research in a.i. has yielded interesting progress, though the models i use today are much more complex than — if definitely derivative of in part — this particular model.

saturday morning fun f'cking around with the meta-array's sexy little gnu/linux b-side :) @SDF

all i've wanted to do is to educate people about freedom as it relates to development hacking and general use of software.

i gonna tell you what i really think i like about mondays!

aw. i was gonna link to a fetch of NOFX's "thank god it's monday" but...

goodbye hooktube, i loved you!

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