fellow hacker @mrguilt put a 64 interpreter emulator in a shared directory and i successfully wrote a shared foo/bar script, shebanging it from their ~ && now we consider writing a using the basic together. all are invited!

a few screengrabs from today's viewing. i do this all the time but i rarely share them. #1995

attila the hun? herod the great?..

...have we learned nothing!?..

a first pass at ! best i can do so far without extended .

please join me in welcoming these li’l’ cuties to the party

a pretty common occurrence in the app store especially since its recent weird attempted gamification

yay, this book is exactly what i hoped to find! but i need additional immersive things. advice welcome.

from just now - one of my favourite -free internetworking-based gaming experiences.

( and don't you dare break the LARP by asking why they don't just open my wallet and do the transfer themselves )

when one feeds "notfox" to the search engine, for inexplicable reason it "includes results for" the streaming service with a *mildly* phonetically similar name.

lgbtq+ possibly upsetting Show more

from my band called "meerkat" here is a pretty good record from a few years back! follow the url in the image for multiple download filetype options.


i always leave reviews when pleased yet so rarely when displeased! trying to change that one game/water filter/wireless speaker at a time.

pretty typical funny day as interpreted by the notfox.com headline comparator

gida the cleric has never been this far down the dungeon! i would've tried for a screenshot of actual combat but there is some deadly stuff out that door right now


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