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pretty typical funny day as interpreted by the notfox.com headline comparator

gida the cleric has never been this far down the dungeon! i would've tried for a screenshot of actual combat but there is some deadly stuff out that door right now


in a of the drm-free open-source dungeon crawler where i've accumulated an unusual number of followers!



a cool feature of mobile browser: when a news is so stupid you can’t believe anyone thinks it’s a news, you can burn it alive with a neat animation!

browsing the gopherspace inside a repl with software by fellow sdf user knusbaum!


a happy hello to fellow 2 fans

while getting working across devices i stumbled upon a fun realization. one can call TODO & DONE whatever and as many things as one wants!

i see a strong parallel between this concept in japanese cultural behavior and the way good members of a good public access system like @SDF behave.

screengrab from a textbook-app called ‘human japanese’



what mobile web browsing should be!

here is what i meant by a "blank notification" in my entry just before this one. i have no idea why or how they occur, but they are displayed like this in the web client and mobile clients alike. if encounters one of these in a stream or for printout it immediately crashes, but it looks like a problem to me:



from the duolingo how many days have you been sober awards

see, the word cloud is often funny. it’s everything beyond that is not funny at all :) notfox.com