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while getting working across devices i stumbled upon a fun realization. one can call TODO & DONE whatever and as many things as one wants!

i see a strong parallel between this concept in japanese cultural behavior and the way good members of a good public access system like @SDF behave.

screengrab from a textbook-app called ‘human japanese’



what mobile web browsing should be!

here is what i meant by a "blank notification" in my entry just before this one. i have no idea why or how they occur, but they are displayed like this in the web client and mobile clients alike. if encounters one of these in a stream or for printout it immediately crashes, but it looks like a problem to me:



from the duolingo how many days have you been sober awards

see, the word cloud is often funny. it’s everything beyond that is not funny at all :) notfox.com

if you study language, please consider this app called Shirabe Jisho which makes as easy as i can imagine (it’s still kanji but this is great) — that box on the selected kanji expands to an animation of the character being drawn, and everything is an internal hyperlink so it’s super-easy to navigate!

maybe i can finally convince fellow wikipedians that IAP and microtransaction are not the same thing.

you can get general news and weather without advertisements if you are a fan of terminals and don't mind writing a few hacks here and there.


a digital watercolor piece. titled “pli frue hodiaŭ pluvis" i suppose.

a comment i was making under act 3 of this week's full frontal on the youtubė (re on tangier and people) that kinda got away from me!


welcome to the thing, new hardware piece! it does both audio and video well - the latter very well.

my favorite news aggregate's "headline comparator" is particularly illuminating today (notfox was hacked together by a fellow SDFer & is my main way to check-in with the news. highly recommend)

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