i've been working on my an extensive package meant to connect hackers to a shared interpreter.

everything is now made of fool-proof objects and well-documented functions comprising everything from the internetworking socketry to the MUCLR internal API.

an augmented screengrab guiding the viewer thru two parallel MUCLR sessions as they use the packages' most basic functionality to hack the same (shared) - & to identify themselves and communicate with one another!

during this year i put on this bracelet. it was given to me without explanation by the hospice company hired to see my mother and father through. i think maybe it is given as something for whoever-is-primary-family-caretaker to wear i.e. to be passed around.

i haven’t taken it off because as the year unfolded and i learned of my mother’s work with dod & my father’s same & time in air force, it became a reminder not to forget the people in service of our country.

let us remember not to forget.

imax screening of “volcanoes: the fires of creation” featuring film’s signature cocktails and various exhibits some more lego-related than others

cursed candy and protector thereof (not pictured: evil piña coladas)

after my primary japanese-learning app started crashing around the 15th i am as super happy to have it () back as i am rusty at whatever i was just studying. longest they’ve ever gone with service down for a proud supportive long-term member though so that’s nice of them

stir frying the strange and the familiar together makes food both super fun and super easy.

while putting together my new sdf web index, i stumbled on this gorgeous-to-me map of my project which is a multi-user commonlisp repl. one could imagine an irc channel in which each user a) has their own repl b) can issue forms for evaluation in a shared repl, moderated by the owners of the channel ... so it's a social and real-time programming environment of the most lofty and idealistic variety i have yet been capable of to imagine.

fellow hacker @mrguilt put a 64 interpreter emulator in a shared directory and i successfully wrote a shared foo/bar script, shebanging it from their ~ && now we consider writing a using the basic together. all are invited!

please join me in welcoming these li’l’ cuties to the party

a pretty common occurrence in the app store especially since its recent weird attempted gamification

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