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nydel @nydel

i consider associate membership this year. could anyone advise please? i hope for a way to become more connected to ethical comp-sci employment/etc opportunities in the coming years. thanking you in advance!

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@nydel if you're based in the US, they do have job postings here: fsf.org/resources/jobs

If not, your best bet is to keep track of the job boards for companies that interest you.

Oh, and if you're in the UK my employer is recruiting front end developers for the Open Source Cloud Engineers team: capgemini.github.io/frontend/h

@nydel your best bet for open source job leads though is to tag along to an open source conference:


or join a Linux User Group

I donate to the FSF and Trisquel, but I suspect unless I met people in person it wouldn't lead to job leads.

@bobstechsite Thank you so kindly for your thoughtful help! I believe in FSF anyhow so i think I will go ahead with it. The "it" there being gettin' me one of them bad-ass credit-card-sized Trisquel USB portables and a four freedoms T-shirt! woo :)