do people use the conference at the time that is allotted for broadcast? i remember having some lovely discussions there & would be very interested in joining back in or getting it going again!

@nydel oooh, party-line on anonradio via sdf voip?! That sounds fantastic. I want in

@tomasino super fun right!? i think it technically just started its hour a few minutes ago. but as i said i don’t know whether it’s still going.

@tomasino i will be right back i had to finish the spaghetti and put it in a thing

@solderpunk @tomasino let’s do it again soon! there was some very poignant agreement on the stupidity of cryptocurrency and vegan fast food last time that i wouldn’t mind continuing.

@nydel @tomasino Sadly I've realised that the OpenVOIP slot is not really any less terrible for me than the OpenMic slot, from a timezone perspective, so I might have to miss out after all.

@solderpunk @nydel when is the next time slot? I bet it's going to be hard for me too


@tomasino @solderpunk for me it’s 6pm in california. sometimes it’s 7 because daylight savings. it’s always UTC 0200 as listed at http home calendar ... what time is that for either of y’all?

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