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I'm still struggling to pay my rent (and food) this month, I didn't think I'd have to ask again but heh capitalism.
Sooo if you want to help you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot 💙
#mastoArt #creativeToots

Doing a redraw of an older oc from like 3 years ago. You never realize how much your style changes until you do these.

Hey! Go follow my new Instagram at @nukepunkart. Itll be a lot more regular stuff.

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There are some awesome #comics coming from Hellbound Media this year, with new #horror tales & special edition reprints.
The long-awaited next chapter in Dawn After Dark is coming, in "The Dogfather" drawn by Jesse Thomas.
New #SlaughterhouseFarm stories are on their way from Arfon Jones & Paul Johnson.
Our next anthology will feature a huge range of #artists! #smallpress #indie #art #scarystories #mastoart #gothic #folklore #slasher #fantasy #monsters

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if u dont wanna abolish the laws of reality then ur not a real anarchist

"Cyberland", 2018 (Ink + Illustrator)

Commissions open, starting at $30! DM for info.

Commissions shown include violent imagery 

I'm a big fan of doing character designing where I can. Here are some characters designed in the past, two personal and one a commission for a friend.

Commissions start as low as $30! DM for more customized pricing info.

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Work-in-progress pfp! To see my art regularly, please follow me at @nukepunk . I want to keep my current one as the personal one for as long as I can.

And as always, commissions are open!

DM for more info.

#mastoart #tidalpunk #solarpunk #jellyfish #commissions

Accepting commissions as low as $30! DM for more info.

Piece below is a commission from 2016 made in ink and marker.

@brandkopf I love this! The only thing that comes to mind to make it better would be if there were more colors in the sky that were a mix of witchy and like an aurora borealis

Hello, future friends!
I'm a recent college grad and traditional character artist looking to get some commissioners! My subject preferences are mechanical, paranormal, and supernatural, or some mixture in-between.

Prices start at $30 USD, some crypto accepted. DM for more info.

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