@Moon I enjoy it. It's just casual conversation, like with friends at a bar.

I just got an email from DIVX stating that new software was available to download.

@Moon Yes, but this was over 30 years ago. Does that count?

OK, Mineclone 2 and 5 look like they should spawn mobs, but my worlds have no mobs? Do I need a second mod, or am I missing something?

One of my daughters recently got into Halo lore. With her sister, they got a co-op Halo Reach campaign started on their computers. Pretty funny watching them try to work together when vehicles are involved.

@Ricardus @Moon I collected the whole set of those Topps Desert Storm cards as a kid. Lost them somewhere. Thankfully, they are not worth much now.

Got stuck late at work, and made the mistake of grabbing Domino's pizza on the way home. My stomach already says I will regret this decision.

@lain fedi will get an AI that generates it's own Dall-E prompts, and posts the results.

Built a new router using a discarded PC from work, and Opnsense. Download speed is now over 700mb! A great improvement!

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Finally figured out why I cant get higher than 250mb internet connection, despite having a 600mb plan. It was my router all along. Despite having five gigabit ports, it doesn't have the CPU power to support NAT at that speed.

Get into a vehicle at work. By default, the Bluetooth connects to a coworkers phone. Media info starts scrolling across the infotainment screen "PORNHUB - Fat slut gets painful anal pounding"

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