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Well my coworkers are at a disbelief about me installing 8TB storage into my computer.

Well I entered a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament this Saturday. My goal is to pass round 1 at least.

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So the story on my mushrooms. I failed, but the kit gives me another side to try again. I did find out that they are oyster mushrooms.

Well, fixed the hard drive moving my home directory over to the 4TB drive.

Decided to go ahead and solder a new connector but I bridged two pens

Got the thinkpad running with the new ssd.

More fun my thinkpad x200 will not boot fully. It gets stuck after xserver starts :(

Sorta moved into my new room and listening to shortwave. A china station is fighting with a Brazil station. Getting some interesting effects because of it.

Had a mini lan party of smash over my lunch break with coworkers. We got up to 5 player smash.

Item for sell make an offer.
Dad: how about 200
Seller: I was looking for 150
Dad: .... deal
*pays 150*

I think he got a deal.

My biggest support to a open source project.

Just looking back since I was playing doom today and what not

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