Archiving some of my friend's internet shows. Taking some time but youtube-dl got my back

It would be like the time I went to the local creators meetup where people were asking me how to follow me and what not. I said I have a mastodon account, and they were like what.

Co-workers and I are thinking of going to a new hackathon. I feeling it is going to be like that start-up weekend I went to, so I'm going to be explaining mastodon to everyone if I go. I had to give a social media account when I went to that start-up weekend event.

@Louks I don't really observe it but man does it sting every once in while.

ugh I just need to install the lib32 of the nvidia tools to get steam running instead of removing the .steam dir

@dropbear I think the app caches the current album you are listening. I listened to an album without data on my phone.

@dokuja @notptr @QBFreak someone on reddit was able to pick it up with a beofeng and a rubber ducky

I have an recording of the pass if anyone wants it

@dokuja My best pass for today is like 17:00 central time.

Missed a pass for the but I got a few more for the event.

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Hey hams, scanner users, short wave listeners, and other radio lovers, there's going to be another #SSTV event with the #ISS this weekend!

This is an awesome event for anyone interested in radio because all you need is a receiver capable of 145.80MHz (even an SDR dongle will do) and some decoding software. No #AmateurRadio license required.

Plus, Slow Scan TV is just plain cool.

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