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Time to finally announce the big project I've been working on for the past several weeks - Sector Disk!

Sector Disk is a platform where users can own the individual, physical sectors on a 3.5" 1.44MB disk and write whatever they want to to them for people to see! :p It's like a message board on a floppy disk!

I'm officially accepting public signups starting now and accounts will officially go live starting TOMORROW @ midnight May 30th (UTC)

Please join! :D

My mystery vinyls came in today and this is the first one I'm listening to.

@M0YNG I say it is for an upgrade for my beofeng. Having aprs built in I can use that to send text messages out when I hike.

My yaesu ft3d came today. I need to setup my hotspot for fusion now.

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hi folks. i'm writing a tracker software and i need an appropriately lofi 80s pixel art logo. hmu if you're a pixel artist looking for commissions!

(boosts appreciated)

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hey if you or anyone you know is looking for an experienced, self-taught Go or Python developer with a background in Physics or security, I'm your gal!

my professional experience is a little limited, but only due to not being given the chance. i am a very fast learner with a wide array of knowledge already, willing to learn anything to fit into any role

my most recent projects include writing a gopher (yes, that pre-HTTP protocol) server, my own fixed-size LRU hashmap implementation from scratch, and the beginnings of an IRC server. all in Go

boosts are very much appreciated ❤️

@Viking Na, just some clouds, but the weather has been raining.

I bought 4 mystery vinyls. That will be a fun item when it comes.

Chex Quest HD. At least it doesn't have Anti Cheat like some other Doom related game.

@Shufei I didn't have sim city at the time when I discovered that. I though it would be neat to fly in a city I created.

@Shufei The longest time I had the demo of that game but it was a blast to play.

whops I streamed Doom 2 with my audio source being my mic instead of output of the game.

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