@M0TDN All I have is YSF repeaters in my area. The guy that runs the repeater system says system fusion is an open standard, but wiresx is the proprietary.

I haven't looked into if that is true or not but I YSF because I like programming the radios over DMR radios.

Well I try connecting again, still had missing packets. Then another ham try to call me. I didn't know how to answer them with ax-tools/apps. So I spent another hour getting linpac setup and now the band is quite.

I'm pretty sure I can send packets now without problems other than the normal band conditions

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Well I was able to connect but I got disconnected for I guess misding packets

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I been trying to connect to a packet bbs on 20m but the rtty contest isn't helping.

@art I don't know I just keep them open to check things once in a while and I forget to close some when I'm done with them.

I live just like anyone else really.


One of ny coworkers said I inspired his wife and him to start going to gym after me lossing quite bit of weight

it is shame I can't use kissattach inside podman. It says the kernal module is missing MKISS.

I would use my base OS but Arch doesn't have ax25 tools in its repo

@art too bad it doesn't have a cell modem then it can be a banana phone

Locust wood is pretty neat. It glows green when hit with a uv light

I needs to be a little bit bigger. The bridge is missing some details

I used wood to make it. I either need to choose a less dense wood next time or make the pocket little deeper to thin out the relief section.

I used locust

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I made an successful lithophane with my cnc. The picture I used is of my niece and nephew so I don't want to post on here.

Requesting prayers 

@jebug29 hoping for the best for your friend.

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