Lunch today was alright...
The conversation with coworkers were over docker, some logging software, and future coding style standard.

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

@snowdusk_ Are you sure a few people in United States felt the same but...

Here we are...

Currently watching a movie about a group of dudes camping for the winter and a dog showed up and it got weird and burned the whole camp down.

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@Snowcrash I just recently learned how to edit and access the shell in emacs

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I got a pager!

I'm hoping that I can swap the crystal and bring it into the 70cm amateur band.

Anyone have any experience with this?
It's a Scope GEO 40A9M and the back says 454-460 MHz

It looks like a 21.4MHz crystal.

#hamRadio #amateurRadio #pager

Working on a admin application for my sister's website. I'm using clojure to make the application. The rest api is done in Java with the javlin framework.

@snowdusk_ uh, I had to script it to get my token for one of my scripts that I made.

@AlexMax You might not want a terminal one but I enjoyed using this email client

So glad the creator of flappy bird is doing alright.

Though I think it is funny that people think they can't install flappy bird. I downloaded it a few weeks ago off the play store because I previously downloaded it when it was still on the store

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I'm currently listening to Babymetal's new album.

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