Locust wood is pretty neat. It glows green when hit with a uv light

I needs to be a little bit bigger. The bridge is missing some details

I found this on my network. I have no idea what it is.

basic nmap output
80/tcp open http
MAC Address: 98:CD:AC:9A:32:50 (Espressif)
and this is what it reports to my router

It was a nice day for a bike ride minus the dog that chased me off tge road and causing me fall off my bike. No injuries.

I desgined the flower on blender. I used carbide create to make the gcode, and milled it out on my longmill cnc

It might be late in the season but I got my pumpkins finally planted

I used a timer interrupt to handle the blinking light based off the state of the machine that the button changes

Doing some baremetal arm programming. Though I couldn't figure out how to use interrupts for stm32f4 using libopencm3.

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