I desgined the flower on blender. I used carbide create to make the gcode, and milled it out on my longmill cnc

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@yrabbit It took about an hour and half to cut out. Designing wasn't too bad I just followed a tutorial on some geometry nodes in blender

@notptr Interestingly, the shape of the flower is almost irregular. This is something I can't repeat in FreeCAD:)
I want to print a scene from Prince Of Persia (MSDOS game), but I'm having trouble finding a tool to create the texture of the stone blocks :) opensource ofc

@yrabbit yeah, I was looking for a way to do some organic stuff for my cnc and freecad wasn't helping so I used blender.

@notptr So the construction is algorithmic?
Have you thought about some sculpting thing? I vaguely remember that has such a thing.🤔

@yrabbit It does. I haven't sat down and learned how to do it.

Yeah the I can generate different flowers based on the parameters I set in the nodes.

@notptr Although I think that without a graphics tablet this will not be fun:)

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