In case you were curious, this is what photos look like when taken on a camera that has a floppy drive.

The originals are averaging 15kb each. They'd look like hot garbage printed out, but they're good enough for fiddling with on an old computer.

Heck, at the file size I bet even my HPLX (or my soon to arrive Tandy 1000 HX) will load the pictures with lxpic.

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In case you were curious, this is what it looks like to transfer files from your floppy disc camera to your cell phone over USB-C, as photographed from your floppy disk camera.

And some sample pictures, too!

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Several folks asked what the camera looks like, so I've taken a mirror selfie (no EC, no features other than hand.)

Here it is reversed, and then the same reversed image blow up from 640x480 to 3200x2400 and then filtered the way I normally do comic books prior to printing them.

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And here are some more pictures I took while I was on the move today.

(VGA resolution images taken from a Sony Mavica FD-7)

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And, of course, I spotted a Bigfoot on this expedition.

Here are two attempts to photograph it.

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@ajroach42 In this day we still can't get a clear picture of big foot

@notptr It's on account of the natural protective camouflage of the creature, they emit a kind of Anti Focus Field. (or at least,that's the lore of my podcast)

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