Missed a pass for the but I got a few more for the event.

@notptr Oops, I forgot! Checking for the next pass.

@dokuja My best pass for today is like 17:00 central time.

@notptr @dokuja I both forgot, and spent all my spoons on something else.

I was looking for an excuse to try the yagi out too...

@notptr @QBFreak Huh it broke squelch with a roll up slim jim mounted indoors. Incredibly noisy and a partial frame but I can barely make out RS0ISS.

@dokuja @notptr @QBFreak someone on reddit was able to pick it up with a beofeng and a rubber ducky

@notptr @QBFreak I don't doubt it at all with a good high pass. I had decent results with a homemade 1/4 wave ground plane in the past.
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