@notptr So it appears the data is clear text or encoded so as to not run afoul of the "no encryption" rule. The signatures are there to validate the users.

@dokuja I think it is plain text with a digital signature. I haven't dug into it.

@notptr I just hope it can work with digipeaters. Otherwise the usefulness will be limited, especially while operating portable.

@dokuja does digipeters read the content of a packet?

@notptr No it should just repeat the content. I think it preserves the originating station ID and hops so if cross validation is occurring it can match on a digipeated packet. But I suspect identity is determined solely on the signature which is the point, I think.

Like PGP it appears that a transfer of keys prior to communication is needed to make this work. Preferably OOB.

@notptr I didn't know about Direwolf, the software TNC that the author of Chattervox recommends. That alone makes looking into Chattervox worth it.

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