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I'm drinking while cooking and it makes me want to make vast generalized statements like, "people who have more should have less say" and then nod at my own wisdom for coming up with something that sounds cool without giving it any thought. Instead, how about I go with someone else:

I'm really sorry and sympathize with people facing hardship. I hope things get better and I hope I can help. Also... ACAB.

I tried to make banana oat pancakes this morning but put too much banana in it. Ended up with hot bananas and maple syrup for breakfast. Not being one to waste stuff, I ate all the hot bananas. Oof.

no energy for the home lab tonight. made dinner super late. probably just gonna zone out with a book or video game. don't know yet.

Ok folks... PineTab or Pinebook Pro? I need a good machine to drag into NOCs.

Hm. SDF's mastodon home timeline appears to be not synced or federated maybe? No new updates for me in about 9+ hours. Federated timeline still pulling things in, though. Weird. Should probably go check bboard.

Goodness, SANS training courses are *expensive*.

Some folks at work introduced me to when we were doing workouts together early in the pandemic. My son uses their workouts as part of his allowance system. I only just noticed all their food sections today. I eat a vegetarian diet and I'm homer-burns-cereal levels of stupid in the kitchen. This is gonna help me a lot, I think. Bonus that it's not bogged down with ads and other SEO garbage.

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