So it's not a big discovery but I use the hell out of the firefox reader mode. Some sites don't cause the reader button to appear (looking at you, CNN...) and I never figured out what makes that work. I accidentally bookmarked a site in reader mode and noticed that it just prepends the url with "about:reader?url=YOUR_URL_HERE". Dropping that line in front of CNN and other URLs caused the reader to work. I wonder if I can figure out how to put this into some kind of toolbar button...

@notcmhobbs I too have wondered what determines when the reader mode icon does or does not appear. It's quite mysterious. I rarely use it on my laptop, but on my phone I use it just about every time I see it. It almost always results in a drastic improvement in readability. Which is a pretty sad reflection on the state of mobile site design.

@solderpunk from some searches on stack exchange and ddg it appears as if it's at least one <p> tag and some arbitrary amount of text. sometimes sites load the text in with javascript (constant internal screaming) but i'm not 100% sure. guess we'd have to go to the source.

@solderpunk there was a brief period where mobile sites were far preferable to desktop sites because they couldn't figure out how to fuck all the ads in edgewise. they've gotten substantially worse as phones have gotten more powerful.

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