Alright, a poll was requested. Most folks threw down for the pinebook pro but I'm still on the fence. My triage laptop took a dive and now I need a machine to drag into NOCs with me to figure out wtf is going on with some network equipment.

@notcmhobbs I voted other, but I may not know all your requirements. Unless super-low weight is a requirement, I vote for a used ThinkPad X220 or X230. About the same price as the PineTab with keyboard, and a lot more computer. Don't get an X240, though; the trackpad is shite.

@gcupc the low weight is attractive. combined with the cost, it was doubly so. i have an x1 carbon for my full time job and even it is a bit clunky in this case. love me some thinkpads either way.

@notcmhobbs @gcupc seconding a used x220/230. The only thing I wish it had onboard was a serial port.

@radicalgraffiti @gcupc this seems likely but if i'm in a NOC, i've usually got access to a power outlet

@gcupc @notcmhobbs If the X240 is anything like the T440p, the trackpad can be swapped out with one from a *50 which has the physical buttons again. Not to say I'm recommending the X240, but I don't think the trackpad is enough reason to avoid it.

@notcmhobbs pinebook (original) was good for cheap sound sux but headphones fix that.

@glove i won't typically be blasting my sweet tunes in a NOC unless there are interlopers that need to be shooed away.

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