I'm going to date how long it's been since I've built a machine but a couple of things stand out to me on modern rigs: 0. PSU on the *bottom* of the case. Brilliant! 1. Cabling isolated on one side. 2. so many mounting options for all the things. 3. It's *so quiet*! 4. WTF is up with RGBLEDLMAOBBQ everywhere? Luckily I avoided most of that.

@notcmhobbs I personally was only happy with the power supply located at the bottom of the case because I still have a hard drives and the tower is much more stable than when the whole weight of the power supply is at the top.

@notcmhobbs And the backlight ... I don't give a damn about it --- it's not visible when the case is closed🤣

@yrabbit even the motherboard has LEDs for aesthetic purposes. i just don't get it. the case i bought is a black monolith, though, so i'm hoping it won't show through.

@notcmhobbs There is one case when I miss the LED: it’s impossible to hear or see an access to PCIe NVMe😥

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