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If you use Flatpak for cowsay maybe #linux isn't a good fit for you.

Alright, so I accidentally used champagne yeast instead of baking yeast today when making bread. Both containers are yellow. Honest mistake. These buns are interesting to say the least but it worked. Would do it again.

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Tune in and watch a live episode of Freedom Decrypted now! Streaming live from our Keene NH studio. GNOME settles a lawsuit.. Find out who won! North Dakoto's COVID-19 apps been spying on people.. And Trump is calling for social media censorship...

Time for a teaching game on pandanet. Pretty nervous and excited both.

well there it is, 'JOSEKI' is in the 'Name' column of the 'Type 1 Product' table on the wikipedia entry. good times.

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i wish i could've gotten a screenshot for it but i just searched ddg for '3 4 joseki' and the usual wikipedia/summary sidebar was info on the NSA cryptography ( i closed the tab before i realized what was going on. i wonder if i misspelled 'joseki' or something. fun mixup.

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When participating in social #protest, consider having your mobile devices switched off, in airplane mode or leave them at home to avoid being caught in dragnet-style #surveillance.

Keep them off on the complete journey before and after. If you must use your mobile, be diligent in your efforts to protect your #privacy:

- Encrypt your device
- Have it pin-locked
- Disable #biometric logons
- Disable #Bluetooth
- Disable location services

#GeorgeFloyd #Minnesota #uspol #Georgia #Michigan

Friday night... not sure what to do with the evening. Played some video games and now I"m just kind of here.

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well maybe we're closer to 75%. what's been accomplished so far: recovered all the data from the lightning strike, combined that with the older backups and got users' data back to them, got all of the root domains back up (and transferred), moved services to four geographically distant VPS's, got XMPP back up, got the general purpose user machine back up, weeded out about 15 old/inactive accounts, and got a couple of the bots online. for a small community, we host lots of random crap.

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i've also moved our dns to an actual provider (gandi) rather than self hosting it this time. at least for now. that was the biggest hit we took. we had some redundancy in dns but not enough. we won't have physical servers in my office again for another couple of months but thanks to tranquillity, sdf, and gandi, we've got servers. not an advertisement but i *highly* suggest if you're looking for a VPS. Mikael is awesome and so is his ISP.

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services at The Manor are back up in about 45-50% capacity. so at the moment the high-level checklist is: automate ssl (or make it just work), set up user webdirs, get backups going again (tarsnap this time), set up the host based ids's again, figure out where to export the logs, bring the ircd's and bots back up, establish an update schedule, post a big ass post-mortem on the web page. i'm hoping that spreading resources out over many geographically diverse servers will be useful this time.

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protest communication tool 

I try to avoid the political stuff and I know we're always being monitored but this spooked the hell out of me:

While I'm speeding up my CW, the draw of HF digital finally hit me. Going to avoid jumping into more radios for now given how rarely I get to use the ones I have but maybe I'll research it a bit.

Friendly reminder that `sudo apt install anarchism` will yield hours of reading material.

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We used to have a good blogosphere going. But perhaps people are returning to their blogs? This means that we need to do the things we used to delegate to Facebook, Google and Twitter: networking, curation, discovery.
• write our thoughts onto our own blogs
• link to other bloggers
• pick up on posts elsewhere, comment on our own blog and link back
• if other people pick up on our posts, link to their replies
• make commenting as easy as possible for those without blogs

Please join! 😄

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Smartphone privacy 

it probably doesn't help that i use my real name everywhere but i mostly do that to control the narrative around my data. double edged sword. none of this is easy.

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