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Keen to get hold of a nice big Waveshare e-paper display for command-line work.

Have just discovered the wonderful world of homebrew python gopher servers using flask-gopher ( Now to get a wsgi thingumdoodle up and running (suggestions?) and think of a useful application.

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Trick or treaters are taking advantage of a break in the rain to descend upon us en masse. It's glorious.

Read another thriller in which GPS trackers apparently rely on magic unicorn feathers to receive/transmit through tens of metres of soil, concrete, steel and the rest. Sigh.

Is any maintenance going on today at @SDF (other than the mastodon upgrade)? Getting refused ssh access and can't see the site either...

Very quiet on SDF today. Haven't seen so few users on com since the sack of Constantinople.

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No doubt there's a good reason to buy the combo binoculars/FM radio that I saw just now. Just can't think of one offhand.

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