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I remember warchalking et al but not that site... Thanks for the link!

Ancient history? Our local free WiFi goes back 1200 years according to the council's pavement promos. 😀

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There's already a functional chip out for only $8. I'm surprised by how rapidly it's advancing. Here's hoping we'll get a desktop/laptop in only a decade. 🙏

I'll give that a test on my FreeBSD Banana Pi. Thanks for posting it.
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With some careful prep you could get both courses to into one bowl... devour the mac and cheese stratum to reveal the chocolate underneath. Half tempted myself 🤔

There's an article somewhere (TM) about using Unbound with blacklists, which would seem to do pretty well at as blocking and would work in a jail.

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Thanks for the tip about tagging. Yes, the tabs do swipe left<->right, but often the art tab stays empty! Luckily it's back for now...

Damn. Sometimes Mastalab shows an artwork feed, sometimes not. Would love to get it back so I can maybe commission a tiny portrait/avatar for my CV site. Any ideas how to browse/reach these tooters?

Ask if she poses insulting questions in her sleep?

That sounds good. Making lots of soups these days so might give that a try.

For me, it's 'bland and filling': porridge or mashed potatoes. Failing that, any cake of sufficient stature will do.


Too right. Having better luck with Vultr, BSD-VPS and a little no-namer at the moment.

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