I remember a spike some weeks ago. From the posters' domains they seemed like Tumblr exiles.

Your stomach must be stronger than mine. I can't even watch current editions without losing my rag.

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Cuts 

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Cuts 

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Cuts 

Good to hear. Have enjoyed installing a functioning desktop in an OpenBSD VM recently, and looking forward to giving it a go for real.

I've been wondering the exact same thing for years. If your calculations were off just the tiniest smidgen you could end up several miles above the Earth enjoying an appointment with gravity, or under the mantle as a brief cool spot in the magma...

Nail bars, farm working and car washes around here.

Thanks, more for the reading stack :)

Do you think local tech activism has faded, or has it evolved into other things?

I remember warchalking et al but not that site... Thanks for the link!

Ancient history? Our local free WiFi goes back 1200 years according to the council's pavement promos. 😀

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There's already a functional chip out for only $8. I'm surprised by how rapidly it's advancing. Here's hoping we'll get a desktop/laptop in only a decade. 🙏


I'll give that a test on my FreeBSD Banana Pi. Thanks for posting it.
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With some careful prep you could get both courses to into one bowl... devour the mac and cheese stratum to reveal the chocolate underneath. Half tempted myself 🤔

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