@mralex I'm having some luck by saving working sessions. Think it was by using kx studio Catia or one of its sibling programs.

@kat whatever works! I quite like in some ways that it's not all in one set of hands

gemini, mental health + 

@avalon Thanks! Always interesting to see how someone else tackles life...

@yrabbit Yes, understandable that you'd want to. Much as I enjoy using Python the packaging is a royal pain!

@yrabbit Is it the same werkzeug that's on PyPi? If so you can install with pip install werkzeug, I think. Or pip3 as appropriate.

@kat There's also the article on the Beeb about Covid being bad for the cosmetics industry. And that Father Jack lookalike from Wetherspoons, etc. I think much of it is also using the pandemic as a propaganda smokescreen for Brexit-related economic damage.

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