@geet Ugh. allsingingingfromthesamehymnsheet.com ?

Little bats flying over the garden. This evening gets two thumbs up.

@cuteascii Good luck! The docs are good, Absolute FreeBSD is a fantastic third-party manual if you get further into it, and the forum and IRC channels are pretty supportive imo.

@cuteascii OpenBSD if you really want to get under the hood, FreeBSD for a pretty easy setup and upgrades (personal opinion only!). Both have great documentation. I like the FreeBSD community who've been really helpful over the last few years.

@mc had been looking at moving there. Back to the drawing board if that's how they deal with autistic children...

@dvicente fantasque sans mono because it's easy on the eyes at large sizes.

Hey sheeple, why rely on free fake news when you can pay in monthly installments?

@Big_Diggity I'm quite enjoying MX at the moment. With the Mate desktop it's even handling a 4K screen properly.

@cosullivan lavender and shortbread - two of the best things on one plate! Is there a recipe...?

From my domain technical support: "I apologize for the caused incontinence.".

Well, glad that's sorted out then.

@coolpup I'm a little puzzled at Ubuntu's direction these days, fair to say...

@coolpup must admit I'm not keeping up with Mint - after they swapped to systemd I ditched it for Devuan; currently also enjoying MX plus Cinnamon.

@coolpup An older version used to encrypt /home by default. Possibly that? Or maybe a badblocks run while formatting the partitions?

@kat I think there's an element of both: "Today I don't feel like buying pointless crap OR catching a dangerous disease in the process."

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