Little bats flying over the garden. This evening gets two thumbs up.

Hey sheeple, why rely on free fake news when you can pay in monthly installments?

From my domain technical support: "I apologize for the caused incontinence.".

Well, glad that's sorted out then.

Is there such a thing as a DM on Mastodon?

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There's already a functional chip out for only $8. I'm surprised by how rapidly it's advancing. Here's hoping we'll get a desktop/laptop in only a decade. 🙏

Damn. Sometimes Mastalab shows an artwork feed, sometimes not. Would love to get it back so I can maybe commission a tiny portrait/avatar for my CV site. Any ideas how to browse/reach these tooters?

Does paying a cheeky yet trustworthy street urchin a farthing to trot round to a customer's house and deliver a handwritten key-string count as 2FA?

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I am willtochaos, and despite the unsettling name I enjoy and promote sensible order. I like to ask questions and challenge assumptions in a rather annoying and socratic manner. To date, no one has offered me hemlock, so I figure I'll just keep doing it. Will make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am new to SDF, and am planning to run a gopherhole containing works of classical philosophy in the public domain.

My other account is at @willtochaos .

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I have SSH, HTTP and Gopher covered for my upcoming machine project. It’s shaping up slowly but surely.
It’s really cool to re-learn the basics with a new OS after all these years doing stuff in the cloud.

Keen to get hold of a nice big Waveshare e-paper display for command-line work.

Have just discovered the wonderful world of homebrew python gopher servers using flask-gopher ( Now to get a wsgi thingumdoodle up and running (suggestions?) and think of a useful application.

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Trick or treaters are taking advantage of a break in the rain to descend upon us en masse. It's glorious.

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