The @SDF Amateur Radio Club’s weekly net will starting in about 45 minutes, at 00:00 UTC, 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific.

Please join us!

Radio amateurs can join the net using:
* Echolink: Node 9229, *TECHLINK*
* Allstar: Node 50110
* DMR: Brandmeister TG 31650

Everybody can listen in at:

And, chat with the net control operator in the #sdfarc room on

Today will be asking participants about their most memorable/interesting operating experience. And, if anyone has participated in high-altitude ballooning.

#sdfarc #sdf #amateurradio #hamradio #balloon

Image show rendering of large silver balloon above the earth, with stars in the background.

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Join us for the SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly net, starting in approximately 25 minutes.

For you hams, we are on Echolink node 9229, the *TECHLINK* conference, and on the DMR Brandmeister TG 31650.

Everybody can listen on

Occasional reminder that I have moved my main account to:


@Zach @nonlinear Thanks. I figured I would lose some followers. I will probably boost my posts on my previous timeline for now. I figure people that are interested will come along, either now or later.

Migrating normal operations to my own self-hosted instance…


Will keep @nonlinear for backup

Well, it's a clean as it's going to get. Behold! The Lab.

Ignore that tray of junk behind the vise, that all needs to go away.


Amazing results today. @scanlime wrote a LED panel driver design for the iCEBreaker today using all open source tools in icestudio! (in an over 8 hour marathon stream) Looks amazing! :)

Still live and playing post-punk, coldwave and some goth rock tracks on #tilderadio - the all new streaming radio service of the tildeverse! Will be around for the next half hour or so, hope you can tune in! 🎶🐱💕

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You can chat with us on the website too! Check it out! 👀
I'm live NOW on #tilderadio - the all new streaming radio service of the tildeverse! 🎶🐱💕

For the next hour or so I'll be playing a grab bag of whatever tickles my fancy, probably mostly post-punk and coldwave. 🤷‍♀️

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