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Help, my mom is sending me twitter links talking about "adrenochrome" with a bunch of other really weak conspiracy "evidence."

What is even going on, cabin fever must be turning her brain to mush

My mail provider is Migadu ( for those curious, despite the technical issues over the last few weeks, I can't recommend them highly enough

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My primary mail provider seems to be having technical/scaling issues, but with a message like this I can't even be mad

Just did my first spring ride. I forgot why I love motorcycles so much...

people: "static linking is bad"
me: "haha, portable binary goes brrr"

Shameless self-(re)promotion of my blob post:

Features lots of tracks with Japanese vocals, because I'm definitely not a

PSA, devshit 

@ngp absolutely.
the current ones are:

once I'm 100% done figuring out the automation stuff I'll probably publish it to a repo so someone could build their own collection, probably

that would obviously include all of the repos (because these are all build against git HEAD)
remember when youtube was just random shit, cat videos and lame vlogs? Those were the GOOD DAYS!

No one does heartstoppingly good action scene like Ufotable

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