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My perception of time is so warped from being stuck inside for weeks. First it was losing track of the days, now it's losing track of the time of day

I've said this before, but shoutout to #touhou for inspiring a mind-bogglingly large and diverse body of amazing doujin music

"Programmers long ago gave up hope of being able to predict in advance whether a given body of code will work as planned." - From: Darwin Among the Machines, George B. Dyson

A COVID-19 statistics PSA from your local health data scientist 

Sang a song that I've liked for a long time!

"独りんぼエンヴィー" Originally by koyori/ Hatsune Miku

pretty yandere lyrics so not sure why I like it, maybe because some of the utaite-san did a really good job covering it lol

anyway hope you enjoy this~ :ablobcatrave:


I’m playing my first Animal Crossing game, and I gotta say, this is an experience

Staying up until 3am is not a good idea

@thegibson work laptop is in the other room with two more screens to have some physical separation

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