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if we're doing the thing, here's the best I can do in a ~450sq foot (~40m2) apartment.

Need to reorganize the desk and side tables today...

I've been looking for a reason to migrate my IRC network off of Docker, and this is probably it

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Well, looks like both my roommates and I are working from home until further notice

Maybe trying to use czmq (ZeroMQ) for my first C project wasn't such a great idea...

I just want it to be consistently warm so I can ride my motorcycle to work 😞

Man, has been kicking my ass all week. I don't think I've gotten to work on time yet this week

Man, yesterday someone on my timeline was asking about targeting Xilinx FPGAs using Python tooling and now I can't find the post, but I have the link I wanted to share now:

Use an anime avatar on fedi.

These are your friends, not your slack 'teammates' who don't care about you.

Perhaps a hot take, but I'm convinced that not teaching computer science students how to use bash as soon as they have more than a few weeks of programming experience is irresponsible and doesn't prepare them for their work

Yeah, back to for me. Fedilab has too much going on in the UI for my taste, buttons are too crowded and there's way too many of them

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