@sir assuming it's limited to public projects, I'm in favor of this. I'd like my private/unlisted repos to have no such restrictions, as I often to not bother including a license for things that are never intended to be publicly available.

Not that I really have anything of consequence to say anyway

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I've been posting to birb site a lot more lately. I figure if I'm going to scream into the void, it might as well be *the* void

@ParadeGrotesque don't tell anyone this, but it used to be that you could use an unregistered prepaid Verizon LTE phone, use something like this (or OpenVPN on port 53) and get entirely free, unthrottled, unmetered LTE service

Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉


I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

I will always respect your right to post B.S.

Just don't expect me to respect you or your B.S. just because you are free to post it.

The new Sourcehut hub just made the project 10 times better.

(And since it was already the best software forge, imagine where it stands now!)

Sent a Linux kernel patch to maintainers that involves changes in 73 files.

I can already see myself being banned from the kernel mailing lists now... 🙈😂



Heart under blade

Just realized this today

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