@ParadeGrotesque Have you reported abuse with DigitalOcean? I'm not sure about CenturyLink, but I know DO has a form for reporting IPs

#Horsetail falls in #Yosemite Park when the setting sun illuminates it. This only happens mid to late February.

Hey there. I am looking for a short job or some kind of internship (would rather a paid one but meh). I'm finishing my Bachelor (French Licence) this year and I'd like to work a bit somewhere between june and august.
I dont really have a prefered subject nor a speciality since my bachelor is really general. I will continue next year in a Master in HPC but I wouldn't mind doing something else before that.
Ofc It would be full remote since I live in France.
I speak english good enough so that It wont get in the way (I got 8/9 on average at a recent IELTS test).

It really is a bottle in the sea but who knows, I want to be amazed by some Internet magic.

(Boosts appreciated :ablobcatheartsqueeze:​)

@alex they're still in a pretty legal grey area with regards to public-square type freedom of speech. They may continue to work on it out of fear of getting regulated out of existence.

@alex I bet it's one of those projects they threw the interns/junior engineers on so it will be implemented poorly (or not actually get completed). I can't think of a monetary incentive for twitter to federate.

@GNUxeava @alex there's a mastodon account on twitter, it has no official affiliation with twitter afaik

> They funded all these social networks

Did they? Citation needed.

> they keep people from starting new ISPs

The federal government doesn't. It's all local municipalities. The Federal (US) government actually has a huge fund for subsidizing small ISPs (called CAF or A-CAM). I worked on projects related to this formerly at an ISP.

> payment processors

Good. I want my money processed by a well controlled entity and not some idiot with a MySQL instance and some Python spaghetti.

@alex oh that's true. Good luck convincing twitter to implement ActivityPub though. I'd expect a lot of large Fediverse instances to block @twitter.com anyway

@alex I'd settle for just forcing twitter to join the fediverse. The problem is I don't think everyone else's instance could take that kind of data pipe 🤣

Sold an extra AMD CPU cooler I had laying around for $20 today. It was one of the nicer ones that has RGB. I hope the kid I sold it to gets better use out of it than the back of my closet was

My roommate's Veloster N

I took this photo back in September, but recently re-editted it

My Ryzen 5900x booting up, seeing an AMD R7 250x as the only graphics card in the system:

"Am I a joke to you?"

@Jessica this is what I've done for every phone I've had for like 6 years now

Why can't I figure out how to add someone by @ in the mast app for iOS

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