I wish I lived somewhere with more people so there were more niche things to do. There's hardly anything here

@ngp I live in a VERY crowded city and I am wishing to go somewhere with less people 😂
It's crazy how we always want what we don't have.

@mattogodoy yeah, but that doesn't mean you want to live *here*. It's fine to want something different but pick your problems


@mattogodoy everywhere is going to have problems, it just depends on what tradeoffs you're willing to make

@ngp totally agree. For me the problem is the lack of space. Tiny apartments, no trees, too much noise and traffic.
A good balance between yours and mine would be great.

@mattogodoy honestly that all seems like plusses to me (sort of).
I currently have a 600sqft apartment with my girlfriend and could go smaller if we consolidated a bit more. I'm allergic to most trees, so that's a plus. My ideal would be not having to drive most of the time, so walking or public transport. I live across the street from train tracks and I honestly like the background noise haha

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